One Night Downtown Knoxville - where to eat/drink?

I will be in Knoxville TN for 2 nights at the end of September, staying near Market Square. I have a dinner planned for one of the evenings but will be free to roam and explore the other. Where should I eat, knowing I prefer holes in the wall than Michelin places? Local BBQ would be AWESOME, BTW. And it needs to be within walking distance of Market Square as I won’t have a car.

So, what say you?
Merci! [cheers.gif]


Uh, a little help? Nothing? No one? Looks like I better pack a sandwich…

Michel…Surprised myself that no response. There used to be one or two board members (here and eBob) that would chime in from Knoxville, but I have lost touch with one that I met several years ago.

I know the area you are staying and have eaten at a couple of the places, but nothing special…nothing bad, just nothing special. Bistro by the Tracks is pretty good…not a hole in the wall and would require a taxi, but good food…upscale casual.

Try Yelp…?

Adam, thank you for the recs. I have a dinner at Cafe du Soleil downtown one night with my wholesaler, but man I’d love to get some good BBQ.