One More: How Many Champagne Producers Do You Have Cellared?

I’m at 18.

  1. That’s about 8 more than two years ago. Stinkin’ Wineberserkers.



More depth than breadth in Champagne than in other regions.

Waiting for David B to start a German Riesling thread…

This is easy, just 6.



Nope. Not doing it.

But 60 from Germany, and 87 overall.



I am experimenting with Champagne so I have 16 producers for only 36 total bottles. All but two of the Champagnes I have are grower wines and I only have more than 2 bottles of two producers - Cedric Bouchard (10 bottles) and Bereche (6 bottles).

By contrast, my German holders are much more centered on specific producers. I have 272 bottles of German wines with 31 producers. Of those bottles, 208 are from Prum, Zilliken, Selbach, von Schubert, Rheinhold Haart, Schloss Lieser and Schafer-Frolich.

About 45, and around a thousand bottles.

More bottles from Germany but only from a dozen producers.

11 producers and 32 bottles…

Roughly lots. Give or take

After a painstaking inventory, I can nail it down that precisely, too.

I’ve always kept some Champagne on hand, but only in the last three or four years have I started buying more widely, a lot of them from Envoyer and the late, lamented Premier Cru.

88 producers, but the top seven account for over 90% of the total bottle quantity.

24 The top three account for 60% or so. It’s more than I thought.

Wow, 47 producers, double what I had guessed. 233 bottles total; I’ll drink to that!


  1. The top six account for the vast majority.