ONE HOUR LEFT to buy my wines...some great deals left!


I’ve had a few wines from Tota’s extensive collection and they have always been perfectly stored and always in good shape for the age.

I’ve bought around 5-6 cases total from Tota on a couple of occasions (including a bunch this summer) and everything has always had great fill levels, well stored, and I’ve been very happy with everything I’ve opened. So if your thinking about bidding on some, I can highly recommend the source they came from.

Hey Frank: sorry to see you go but will definitely check these out, ki

Thanks, guys! That’s very kind of you to say. I try to be very careful when I buy my wines, which had the unintended consequence of having no doubts about putting them up for sale.

For anyone interested, these were probably the bottles I had the hardest time putting on the market. One can only keep so much wine, but these were on the cusp and should be very interesting:

1834 Barbeito Malvasia Madeira
1898 Henriques & Henriques Verdelho Solera Madeira
1900 Cantenac-Brown
1908 D’Oliveira Boal Madeira
1929 Pichon Baron
1945 LLC
1946 & 1947 Charles Krug Burgundy
1948 Huet Vouvray
the two 1949 Averys Burgundies
1962 Dr Burkin-Wolf TBA
1977 Weinert Malbec Estrella
and a ton of the old California wines: 1959 Hanzell Cab, 1960 Gemello Cab, 1966 Hanzell Pinot, 1968 BV Pinot, mags of 1971 Chappellet cab, 1978 Diamond Creek Volcanic Hill, 1985 Groth Reserve, etc.



Frank - I am peeking @ the 48 & 61 Huet as well as the 1968 BV Pinot.

I’ve had more than a few bottles from Frank’s cellar, and they have all been in exquisite condition. I would bid with utmost confidence. The old Cali Pinots from the 40s have been absolutely stunning and are likely the last examples of them that exist.



Are all the wines in the linked page from you?

Sorry, I haven’t bought anything from WineBid in 10 years and don’t remember this kind of listing.


I bid on a couple of things this morning then saw this thread. Very glad to know that it’s from a reliable source. Did you try any of those 71 Chappellet mags? I was wondering about them but don’t know anything about that vintage for them.

While I can’t guarantee any particular bottle is good, I opened two mags of '71 Chappellet Cab in the last two years, and both were excellent. It’s possible that some of the other folks here tried them at one of the dinners. Someone else has posted a note on CellarTracker that’s probably worth checking out…I think he liked it a lot. Not sure if his was from magnum or 750, as I thought it was a bit more youthful. I thought I posted some notes on eBob at one point but can’t seem to find them over there.

Anyway, if you buy anything I hope you end up enjoying it!



PS: That sucks about Texas. I never knew that. [swearing.gif]

Nice to know where they’re from. A number of those are on my Lot Tracker at the moment…

Glenn, I assume you are Sierradoc on the '61 Huet? pfhjvb0 here (you win [cheers.gif], just bought a case of '89 Huet CC, and some other Huets, so I’m tapped-out! ).

Jim - I am sorry and it was not my intention to outbid a board member. You want this bottle let me know via PM and we will work out getting it to you.

I recommend a bidding war…


Glenn, it’s all good. I’m not wedded to any particular bottle… there is no “I saw her first” intent to my post. [basic-smile.gif] Just wanting to confirm that is you. I think there’s a winebid “handles” post, but I almost never bid there, so I hadn’t looked.

As long as you post a TN if and when you drink it, I’ll be pleased. [cheers.gif]

Nice try Frank!

Birth-year wine for me Jim so my 50th in Big Sur next May is the current plan. You in the region then we can share the bottle and both pen a TN!

Well, I may have just bought myself what I expect to be a very nice 50th birthday present. Maybe I’ll open it for my 65th.

I loved, loved, loved the 1934 of this.

71 chappallet mags…mmmmm…bid is in!

I got this with a number of other wines of similar vintage (1860 solera sherry, etc.). The condition of the other wines was impressive for their age. So I hope you have luck with this one!



The two I opened were quite good. I think it’s a quality wine that’s often overlooked.