One Country

If you could only eat food in one country for the rest of your life, what country would you choose?

Dan Kravitz

Japan, but the Philippines would be a close second.

I also love Mexican food, but don’t think my stomach would handle it for the rest of my life.

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Well, I’d pick this country, because I can get the food of pretty much every other country here :slight_smile:



Italy, I think.

I’ve had this conversation with friends before…also, the corollary, if you could only eat one protein what would it be?

I think for me, Spain would check off a lot of boxes. Although I never really thought about it, but @Daniel_Walsh suggestion of Japan would be pretty amazing as well.

The beef, pork, and seafood in Spain are just off the charts.

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America. And it’s not even close.

Same for me.

Assuming USA is a cop out… Japan.


I would say Italy.

What Alan said :wine_glass:


Edit to add, but there are so many qualifying questions. Do you have to live there? Can you go on vacation and still eat, or do you need to bring provisions? Is food made in Japan instantly available in France if I’m there?

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Either Korea or Italy.

Italy. Next choice would probably be China, particularly Cantonese.

Japan 100%
What are the chances someone says the UK and actually means it?

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