On the rebound, and hoping for the start of something good

Be tasting all kinds of random things since my last battle of disappointing wines, and have had more highs than lows, but haven’t had a lot.

Last weekend was my birthday, but since it snowed and rained (simultaneously), I didn’t get to have the dinner I expected, but got to enjoy some good wines.
79 Diamond Creeks were in order (birth year), but I passed and jumped to a 96 Leclerc Gevrey Combe Aux Moines. Bought recently for a stellar price of $49, this only needed an hour to really show the classic Gevrey spice and texture, while the fruit was rather dark (I’m guessing the vintage is to blame) and pure. The nose was super exotic. May have to buy more and see where these are in another 5 years. This could be a star value by then.

Bounced to an 06 Rivers Marie Sonoma Coast Pinot- Meh. Simple, fruit forward, a bit austere and not all that thrilling. Wife didn’t like it much either. Too bad, last one, and the first one was kicking.

The star of the last week was a 2004 Lillian. With the up coming delivery, I wanted to remind myself that I spent the money wisely (not really, b/c there was steak on the plate) and it was money well spent. The wife fell in love. Ripe and generous, with loads of dark fruit and even hints of smoke and truffles. Here’s to Maggie keeping up the good work! [welldone.gif]

After an awesome experience with a 2006 Anthill Abbey Harris, I decided to open a 2006 Compteche. Bad idea. Drank like super young 1er Cru Cotes de Beaune. Not that that’s a bad thing, just a bad thing in December of 2009. Drink again in 3 years.

Re-visited an oldy but goody, Copain Tous Ensemble Pinot Noir 2007. Honestly not sure what it is about this wine, but realized I have had a handful of Burgs that cost less that were more enjoyable. This really should be under $20 retail, and is pushing $30 (well, in NY/NJ). The Calera Mt. Harlan I had blew this out of the water for a hair less $$$.

So the 2007 epiphany finally hit me tonight. Walter Hansel RR 2007. WOW. The nose is super complex of strawberry/rhubarb pie, with notes of sour cherry and pomegranite too. Those flavors come through on the palate with dare I say it, sappiness. I keep forgetting how good these wines are, and are truly under priced, despite the fact that that guy in Monkton goes nuts with the scores almost every vintage.

Back on track and loving it.

Nice work Ian!

The 04 Lillian sounds killer, I have only had the 05/06 and already cant wait to see whats in store with the 07. Too bad about the 06 RM SC, the last bottle I had a few months ago was alive and drinking nicely, maybe these are going through a wacky stage?

Thanks, Ian. Thinking about opening one of those 06 Anthills (Abbey Harris) . . .

Great notes Ian.
Just curious - are you the one that put the Evening Lands up against the Beaux freres in GV’s blind tasting?
Nice work

Great question…

well Ian?


Actually, all the blind tasting wines were my doing.

Some fun notes to follow tomorrow, Kistler Pinot 2006.