? On Pieropan Soave labels

I was at Fred Meyers down in Vancouver WA, and to my surprise I saw the 2015 on sale for $10. The label just says ‘Soave’ nothing else. I have a few 18’s which are labeled as ‘Soave Classico’ and looking at CT, there is an image of a label of the 2015 'Soave Classico"

So my question is, where there two wines made in 2015 or is it the same wine with a different label? The Pieropan website just lists the Classico BTW. Thanks in advance!

According to CT there is a Pieropan Soave from multiple vintages, and the label picture looks right. Soave is the larger region, with Soave Classico a smaller region of the original classification. Like many areas, vineyards have gone up outside of the best, original area.

The bottles labeled Soave only are a by-the-glass/on-premise wine that is wholesaled at a cheaper price. Exactly the same wine from my understanding.