OMSOM packets

Anyone use the OMSOM packets. I have a Larb packet (Northern Thai/Laotian) , Lemongrass BBQ(Vietnamese) and a Phillipines Sisig packet. Just looking for easy but flavorful ideas for dinner. If you haven’t tried these packets, you should check them out if you enjoy cooking asian at home.

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I don’t remember buying them but I found a set in the pantry recently. I’m looking forward to trying them when I need to make an easy meal.

just bought. Sound great. Love Thai larb gai and all things Korean.

Are these packets only available online?
Love to try some.

I think they are only available from Omsom Tom. Just google Omsom. It is a group of asian cooks.

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Paul and Alan let me know if you have any tips on using these. I am trying pork Larb with a green papaya salad tomorrow night.

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I just received some today.

I am going to inspect them tonight and use in the next few weeks.

I will report back.

Thanks, I love Krapow so I put in an order. Looking forward to an easy way to replicate (and Larb).

For those who’ve seen these in person, is there nutritional info on the packet? What’s the sodium content? I couldn’t find it on the website, though I did see info about MSG (only in the Krapow), high fructose corn syrup (none) and preservatives (also none.)

Nutrition/ingredients are on website for each product. Sodium varies but somewhere between 500 and 630 mg per serving. Most products have no added salt per se and sodium is coming from other ingredients.

Thanks, Paul. I clearly missed it on the website.

I cooked the Spicy Bulgogoi the other night with chicken thighs. I thought it was kind of bland, even after a 24 hour marinade. I bought the the East Asian and the South Asian samplers, so I have quite a few left to try.

Edited due to Paul’s great post above.

I’m a novice here except ordering in restaurants. Got mine today. Trader Joe’s sells ground pork and chicken. Will do larb soon.

That’s disappointing, but looking forward to reviews of other items.

made larb tonight. Did two of the three packets, chicken and pork. Could have had an option for “up the spice,” as it was pretty mild and not “fiery” as promised. Would have been nice if the required extra ingredients were listed on the outside of the package and not just inside. Fortunately I had onion, cilantro, and added lime juice but mint, scallions, and shallots would have been nice. Will repeat.

We made the tofu sigsig with garlic rice tonight. Followed the recipes to a T except we added a pound of broccoli and doubled the spice packets, egg and onion.

It was very good, with plenty of flavor and heat, and a new taste for us.

Thanks, Don, for the post.

Thanks for the feedback. I love the Larb.

We made the Yuzu Misoyaki tonight, but cheated a bit.

We used two 1.5 pound sea bass filets and bagged them with 3 Yuzu Misoyaki packets, then 3 hours Sous Vide at 133.

Then, preheated oven on broil and transferred into the oven for 5 minutes….spooning the pan sauce on top at the start and the 3 minute mark.

The sauce made for an appealing final product and made for a nice umami experience.

Think of the Yuzu Misoyaki as, basically, an easy miso glaze.

Giving the best seller sampler a try.