Older Mayacamas Chardonnays and a 10 year GC Chablis

Limited notes and approximate scores because these were consumed at dinners after my national sales meetings. Oldest to youngest:

1997 Mayacamas Chardonnay – fairly deep gold color, aromas show some hazelnut and lemon, but also a touch of oxidation. Fresher than expected on the palate with some real minerality, but clearly past its prime. Rated about 85.

1999 Mayacamas Chardonnay – Medium straw color. Fresh aromas of lime and slightly underripe bosc pear. Medium bodied on the palate with fresh, lively acidity, very stony but plenty of white fruit and a hint of quince. Drink or hold a few years. Rated about 92.

2000 Fevre Chablis Grand Cru Bougros Cotes Bouguerots – Medium straw color. Very nice but somewhat odd nose, fresh and stony, but a flintiness I don’t associate with Chablis. Medium to full bodied on the palate, very nice balance. There is something a little honeyed that is also anomalous. Very subtle, fresh with ripe anjou pear flavors. This is a lovely wine, ready to drink, but can be held for a few years. However for me it does not really represent Chablis, it’s more like a good Cote de Beaune. Rated about 90.

2001 Mayacamas Chardonnay – Slightly lighter color than 1999. Similar aromas, but even fresher. Similar flavors but with more intensity and density, this is close to full bodied. More mineral than stony. Something slightly piny adds another dimension, along with a hint of spice. This has it all. Rated about 94. Drinkable now, but my guess is it will improve for a few years and hold peak for a few more.

2002 Mayacamas Chardonnay – Similar to the ’01, but a little lighter in body and without quite the panoply of flavors. This is still very vigorous with bright, lively acidity, but I would drink now as I don’t think it will add subtlety. Rated about 91.

Dan Kravitz

Thanks for the notes on these, really interesting. I recently had the '98 and really loved it, among my favorite recent domestic chards.