Old Wine Spectator, Time Magazines

I’m trying to clear out some bookshelves so I can paint. I thought I would just throw away the old magazines that are on the bottom shelf, but then I came across various magazines that seemed to me like they would have some value. There’s Time magazine 911 special report, Time magazines from the mid-1970s full of Nixon, and various others. On Wine Spectator I have one from 1999 and various others from 2002 and 2003. Do they have a value to keep?

I don’t think they are collectible really, except as curiosities. If you had a yard sale or something you might get a few bucks for the interesting ones is what I’d guess. I doubt the WS hold any value.

Yup…even last weeks new WS holds no value!!

Already gone!

If anyone has the July 31, 1994 issue, the mango/cucumber/yogurt fish recipe is their best ever.

mango/cucumber/yogurt fish recipe is their best ever

Oh my. [bleh.gif]

You mean best mango/cucumber/yogurt fish recipe surely!

Fruit and fish is a no no. Other than tomatoes, peppers, squash, or beans.

Although I did have a friend from the West Indies who frequently made ackee and saltfish, and that was interesting.

at the risk of thread drift: I think mango, papaya, and several others pretty easily work well with fish! I could even be convinced about peaches and several others. especially with swordfish!

Well … were they worth anything?

I threw the Wine Spectator’s in the trash bin. newhere

There is so much I need to throw out!

Well…it goes something like this…

Peel and slice a cucumber lengthwise, then spoon out the seeds and slice into “smiles.”

Cut up a mango.

Mix cucumber and mango in a quart of plain yogurt. Set it in the fridge overnight.

Next day…

Make plain couscous.

Pick your favorite white fleshed fish, we use halibut. Grill it on the barbie.

Place couscous on a plate, put yogurt mix on top, lay the halibut on top.


You laugh now, you’ll think me later!

Really? Mango salsa on grilled halibut.


I use a yogurt sauce (with minced cucumbers, dried mint, black pepper) on all kinds of stuff. It’s a pretty universal condiment across the whole swath of the world from Morocco all the way to India. Last night we had my mom’s version, which is obviously better than any WS recipe.

There were recipes in there?? Lol

Fruit, especially tropical, goes extremely well with fish. Sounds like a recipe to check out!

There was a recipe for disaster, regarding 2010 Brunello.