Old wine sale advertisements.

The Old Men Reminiscing thread made me thing about old newspaper ads as data points. The White Plains library is open late on Thursdays, so I drove over after dinner and dove into the NYTimes microfilm. I only had a few minutes and could not find any of the “Take a Drive to Scarsdale” ads from Zachy’s, BUT I found two. Second week of October, 1976.

D. Sokolin in Manhattan
Special on 1967 Bordeaux.
Gloria $5.50
Lafite $13
Mouton $14
Haut Brion $12
Latour $13
Vieux Certan $7
La Lagune $6
Smith Haut Lafite $6
Cos D’Estournel $8
Figeac $6.77
La Gaffeliere $7
Pichon Baron $7

Goldstar in Queens (producers often left out of the ad)
1967 Lafite $13.50
1971 Talbot $6
1970 Savigny Les Beaune $3
1973 Urziger Wurzgarten $3.25
1971 Meusault Charmes $6.50

Well I’m going to barf, I’ll comment later

Back then, a car only cost $30 dollars, so wine was actually quite expensive. That was a Model T Ford I believe. And, based on real estate prices at least, an $8 bottle of Cos could buy you a week at the Waldorf Astoria today.

From 1974:

I miss Green Hungarian.

fun stuff.

I’m glad Sandlands is bringing it back!

I wonder if people will sigh wistfully 40 years later when I pull up an ad for 2013 Dujac at $350…

Ridge White Riesling.

My grandfather, who served in WWI in the Austro-Hungarian army, used to tell me that he never actually fought in a battle because the night before every battle, he would drink a bottle of green Hungarian wine and it would make him so sick that he spent every battle in the medic tent. Until I saw that ad, I had no idea there really was something called Green Hungarian wine. I guess I owe my existence to it.

Well Jay, common, they were 1967!

The 1889 price list for Acker, Merrall & Condit is out there.

Krug Sec at $2.55 per quart bottle
Urbana Wine co., Gold Seal, Extra Dry $0.65 per quart bottle
Barton & Guestier bottles of 1870 Latour $2.35, 1868 Lafite, $2.35, 1875 de Pez $0.90, 1869 Yquem $2.55
Marey & Liger Belair, Romanee $2.20

One of the most expensive is Hungarian Tokaji Imperial at $2.85 per pint.