Old Vines Offline #5 - Franchetti's in Santa Rosa - UPDATED POST EVENT

Never made it by today, was too busy at work. Will check next week when i get back from Philly.

I am in…woo hooo…hello to all my fav zinnies


Stopped by Franchettis’ today. They said no problem. Timing changes though as they close between lunch and dinner so the earliest we can start is 4:30. They said just call with a head count so they can set the tables up for us.

Anyone else interested?

Still in!

Hey Brian, thanks for the invite. My lady and I would love to join, it’s her birthday that day so would be a fun wine affair and a chance to meet some people offline. Hopefully you’ve got room for the both of us!

We’re in for sure!

Cool, I updated the OP to add you both.

Whew, having just went through all of the last 4 OV Offlines I am going to have to dig for something to bring, you guys got some length and patience on me no doubt!

Hi all,
Just saw the latest Scherrer newsletter and their open house is Nov. 11/12/13, conveniently the weekend of the Old Vine Offline. Anyone want to go? Here are the details…

Mark your calendars!
Open house on November 11, 12, and 13
from 10 to 5 at the winery
located at 4940 Ross Rd, Sebastopol.
As usual, you will be able to taste the new releases and a selection of older library wines, most of which will also be for sale.

I normally stop by on Fruday afternoon on my way home from work but if you want to hook up there on Sat before the offline I’m game.

Not sure yet, but it’s starting to look like Karen will have to go to SD that weekend to deal with some family issues, don’t know if I’ll go myself or not. So I have to become a tentative for now at about 50/50 whether we’ll make it. Sorry.

Bummer, hope everything is OK. I won’t make the reservation until next week, maybe Wednesday. Keep me informed.

Likely will not be up in time to make it Friday. I got to go since we are so far away and have wanted to stop by for an open house there. Have to run to Napa on Saturday morning for a pickup so not sure of timing to get back. Let me confirm I can get an early start in Napa.

I might be there on Saturday if I can get back into town early enough. I’ll be wearing a Blue-ish color hat that will say Marmot on it!

As a first timer to the Old Vines Offline meetup, anybody want to share a few ideas of what they are bringing? I’d like to bring something that fits into the idea of the meetup (other than I’m assuming drinking great wine and food among friends!)

Also, should I plan on bringing at least 2 bottles?

Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s crap. You don’t know until you pull the cork.
I’m looking at a few of these
2007 Ridge Lytton Springs
1993 Ridge Lytton Springs
2005 Talty Estate
2005 Turley 101 Vineyard
1986 Ravenswood Old Hill
2006 Carlisle Carlo’s Ranch
2005 Carlisle Tom Feeney

And a white, maybe a Compagni Portis or a Casa Santinamaria.

Also, should I plan on bringing at least 2 bottles?

It’s a good idea to have a back-up especially if you have something older or of unknown provenance.

Awesome, thanks for the tips there Brian. Had a couple of the similar ideas there as well, sounds good on a backup. Maybe even a backup, backup hiding in the car just in case! [cheers.gif]

This seems like a good reason to do my first post here. I’m 95% in. I’m going to show my hand: I’m bringing a '93 Ravenswood Old Hill Zin. I’ll see what else qualifies, but I think our organizer might have something in that vein, too. And I’m going to try to stop by Scherrer on the way, but it could be kinda close. Thanks for invite and organizing, BT.