Old Vines Offline #5 - Franchetti's in Santa Rosa - UPDATED POST EVENT

Date: Sat Nov 12th 2016 4:30pm-

Where: Franchettis’
1229 N Dutton Ave, Santa Rosa
Just north of College Ave

Who: Larry and Lori
Mike and Dana
Mike Dildine
Carl Jensen
Brian Tuite
Vamsi Kaipa
Nick Cośtanżo +1
Richard Foxall

What: Domestic Old Vine Whites and Reds

Theme: ?

Past events have been lots of fun. If you appreciate wines from historic old vineyards, Zinfandel, Mataro, Petite Sirah, Carignan, Syrah and dozens more, without any pretense, this is your kind of offline.

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Interested! Lots of near-term commitments, it would probably be mid-Nov. before I can attend.

Mike, everything is flexible at this stage. Would be glad to have you.

I’d be happy to host as well, but IMO both our places are remote enough I’d prefer to find a restaurant. Mid-November is probably fine as long as it’s not the weekend before or after Thanksgiving.

We’re away weekend of Oct 15. Otherwise there are a few winery pickups in Nov/Dec, but those are all mid-day (if you want to invite Mike O, his pickup dates are Dec 3 and 10).

That would look like Sat Nov 12th. Or it could be in January.

Hi Brian

Long time no talk! November 12th works for me.
Hope you are well,


Wow, a blast from the past, welcome aboard!

Mike and Dana can likely be there for Nov. 12. Might try to a few newbies from the cellar to come along.

Interested. I think I have some Hookers Creek Lytton Springs/Estate (Ridge), and a bunch of Bedrock. Nov 12th is a good date.

kind regards - Gene

Updated OP with date and names of interested parties.

Where do we want to do this? Suggestions?

Count us in! Don’t really have any suggestions for venue, you guys know the place around there better than us.

The question mark was more with regards to Karen. Rosso really works well for a group around 12 people. Others may want to try something new but I’ll at least throw it out there.

What does everyone think about an early start time?

Does early start time open the possibility of using Franchetti’s?

That Sir is a distinct possibility, dinner seating is 4:30 til 8:30pm on Saturday.

Any time fine with us.

Menu looks quite tasty. How many people could we get in and how is the corkage?


I’ll try to stop in tomorrow when I am in the neighborhood and find out. They are connected with Rosso so I am thinking corkage would be waived for our geeky affair as they always do. I’ll scope out the seating arrangements too.

I’ve been told that seating at Franchetti’s will be more group-friendly than Rosso.

Do we have a preliminary headcount yet? We need to save space for a few local winemakers if they’re interested.