Old Rioja TN

Great old tempranillo TN as below. Can’t beat the value of these old wines if you can get your hands on them. Any special Spanish wines that have stood the test of time I should be on the lookout for?

1964 Martinez Lacuesta Rioja Reserva Especial

Crumbly cork but made out intact with Ah So. Minimal soakage.
Gorgeous translucent color with moderate bricking, not as much sediment as I would have thought.
Warm nose of forest floor, tar and old leather books. Bit of funk wafted off quickly.
Surprisingly light and vibrant palate with red fruits but these were secondary to much more earthy tones and tobacco. Tannins very reserved but still hanging on. Lingering finish.
A lovely ode to a great vintage. Glad I have more as these seem to have a lot of life left. Will check in in 5-6 years.

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