Old Loire Red food pairings?

Crowdsourcing thoughts. Old Loire reds, herbal and green peppery and probably more vegetal than fruit laden at this point. Good food pairings? Extra points if you’re not just making it up and have actually tried it.

Classic green pepper Cab Franc fare is charcuterie. Boudin Noir also works (no apples though).

This may sound odd, but I’ve been thinking about trying a “boiled dinner” (cabbage, carrots, corned beef) with an older Chinon that I have set aside for this winter. Other pairings that I’ve considered for older Cab Franc include: grilled salmon or roast pheasant.

A nice cassoulet that has 3 meats(pork sausage, red meat, and bird) will work beautifully with Loire CFs. Have done this many times. As a second pick I would go any meat and pick a sauce like this … https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tyler-florence/green-peppercorn-sauce-recipe2-1944389 … to bring it all together. Just made this sauce for my spouse’s Beef Wellington and I could imagine it with an aged Loire CF.

Both flying and galloping

Lamb, have done both leg of with rosemary and garlic, as well as herb crusted rack, which was perhaps a bit better. Well it was a bit better as a dish which might influence my recollection. With not ancient wines, Raffault Picasses 1985-1990 maybe 5 and 7 years ago.

A simple roast chicken, with prepped butter au jus and garlic sautéed ramps (or spinach) on the side. Worked well with ‘85 Bretton Perrieres and ‘89/‘90 Olga Raffault Picasses at a local restaurant dinner a couple years back.

OK, I made up the garlic add on the greens, can’t remember from dinner. But, wouldn’t hurt the dish, imo.

As said, dark game is perfect.

This has always been a favorite recipe and loves aged CF: Braised Venison with Bacon, Chestnuts and Wild Mushrooms in a Rich Madeira Sauce | Recipes | Delia Online