OL At Which Ed Murray Becomes a Rebbe and MOT

Thanks to Father Saxon, Major Franks, Carey Franks, Rebbe Ed Murray, Rebbetzin Joan, Hal Blumberg, who promises to become a Berserker, and especially to mi esposa Deb.

A nice groups of wines, which I fortunately am having the pleasure of finishing now that those reprobates have departed (with pictures to follow when I can find the cable for my camera).

2002 Fevre Les Clos
2004 Bruno Clair Corton Charlemagne
1972 Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin Echezeaux
1990 Krug
1982 Pichon Baron
1982 Calon Segur
1983 Ch. Margaux
1990 Beausejour Duffau Lagarrose
1990 Troplong Mondot
1995 Araujo Eisele
WOTN: BSD, with nothing even close. That said, the Krug was amazing. the Pichon was f’ing delicious, the Troplong was insane, the Calon was delightful, and the Araujo was everything that one could want in a Cali Cab. Oh, and the others didn’t suck either.

Great wines, great company. Doesn’t get any better.

Only problem is deciding which to drink, the '82 Pichon in the left hand, or the '90 Beausejour in the right.
And finally, Phil and Steve showing a huge Berserkers thanks to Ed for all of his work on the server (although Steve still couldn’t put down those two wines even for a second).

I rue the fact that my wife planned a dinner tonight, otherwise when Saxon intercepted me in the parking lot I would have relented in a heartbeat…

Holy shit! What a great tasting tonight…the 1990 Beausejour Duffau Lagarrose was one of the best wines I’ve ever tasted!

All the wines were insane…but the company was even better. I love our group.

BTW, can’t wait to see the pic’s.

An insane day with an incredible group of people. The wines were just rediculous. The food…also rediculous.

Even the carrot?

Your salmon eggs were ridiculous. My pizzas . . . well I am getting better.

I know the feeling well. Another time, I am sure.

Not the carrot!

Finishing the '82 Pich. Silly good wine.

Damn boys…well done.

OK, pics posted.

Better than the Mouton in VT??

Nothing was that good. [rofl.gif]

Wow! What an afternoon/evening! It was great to see everyone again!

Those were some spectacular wines. Another stellar showing, all the wines were great, most were beyond great, and the Beausejour was sublime.

Thanks Jeff for opening your home and cooking pizza for us all! The shroom and salmon roe app’s were also very good! Thanks to everyone for bringing such incredible wines!


For anyone who may be wondering, I recently became ordained and have been debating over which title I should assume. The debate is over…

Shoulda been there Eric, could’ve seen The Father eat his purple carrot!

Great wines & great fun… fun group.

Hey Rabbi Ed, we all agreed not to mention the carrot.

I think it’s good. Your eating your vegetables.
What? You don’t think it’s good?
I think it’s good.
You should be proud.
's your mother know your eating your vegetables? Your mother should know…