OktoberFest babes...

Because…boobies and beer! No nudity (it’s sometimes better that way):


Wow, hopefully i’ll see some servers like that when I’m there this fall. Just sayin.

For some strange reason the last couple of times I was at Hofbrau house I don’t remember any servers that looked like that.

God Bless the dirndl!! flirtysmile

Is that Boris Becker in pic #8?

Any why am I noticing the guy in between the hot chicks? [scratch.gif]


Holey Hefeweisen!

Ich bin von fotonegativen!

A few years back, a friend’s son was doing a tour of the planet, and this was his Oktoberfest story…

Our second day we got to the Oktoberfest pretty late (surprise surprise), so we weren´t able to score a table. We eventually mosied along the way to the Lowenbrau Tent, where I met up with Brendon, one of my travel buddies I met in Scotland. Interesting thing about the Lowenbrau Tent-- I saw this one waitress and kept trying to get her attention for a beer. She would smile and shake her head, like, sorry, no beer for you. Then I would see her again, and plead for a beer, and she would promptly bring me one fairly quickly. This went on and on several times and after a few liters of beer I wasn´t really digging this little cat and mouse game of feeding me beer. I mean, all jokes get old, right? Well, it turns out, this lovely waitress has a twin sister!! One serves beer, the other one serves food. Seriously, I would marry both of them if I could.

Daniel’s on the right…