ok Berserkers, the puzzle with no real answer...Long involved.

Has anyone ever gotten a delivery from Scholium Project? Here is my tale of woe and intrigue.

Drank a bottle of “Prince in His caves” SB in New York at a restaurant in early March. Intrigued by the wine and wanted to repeat the experiment.
Soooo, I went to the winery website, and sure enough there was a 6-pack available. Ordered the wine and waited for the usual confirmation e mails that ALMOST EVERY OTHER WINERY ON EARTH does as a matter of course. (well except for maybe Marcassin)

Time goes by, no e-mail, nada. Tried to call the winery, no phone number listed, only e-mail address. Sent e-mail…no response. Waited a week, sent another e-mail, no response.

At that point I checked my Am EX and sure enough, the charge shows up on the card from early March. Finally after about a 2 month hiatus, I contact Am Ex and put the charge in contest. They agree to process the charge and credit me back. I thought this was the end of it and everything is fine…just time to move on to other wineries with better availability.

Then last week, I get e-mail with delivery number to go to a friends home in NY where I occasionally ship wine. Great, it is in fact from Scholium and must be the wine I did not know I had confirmed. Sooooo…

I call back Am Ex, tell them to clear the charge, the package is coming after all! That should be the end of the story.

BUT, package was attempted to be delivered today and my friend is not home. So I don’t want it out another day on a truck and contact UPS to have them hold the wine at a distribution center so I can pick it up. I was informed that the sender, Scholium, has the package coded that it can not be held for pickup and has to be delivered to address in person!!! Of course I can contact the sender, Scholium, and tell them to changes the status of the package to allow for hold at distribution center.

Great, so all I have to do is try to contact the winery, that has no other way to contact them except by e-mail, that they apparently do not respond to. I know there are many brilliant minds out there, what angle am I missing??? Anyone have anohter way to get in touch with Scholium?

I believe Abe does a fair amount of social media–twitter, instagram (not really fb), maybe try that?

Sign up for UPS My Choice . Don’t think there is a charge . Then put in your tracking number and reroute the package to a Distribution Center . I do it on a semi-regular basis after 1 delivery attempt is made by the UPS driver .

I am so embarassed! All of these problems can be solved. But the real mystery is that I can’t find any emails from you, Dennis! I am sure that is my fault too-- but at least it is not a case of ignoring you. Give us another chance to get you some more wine.
The institutional problems will take longer to fix-- though I am working on it. It is far and away the weakest aspect of everything we do-- and needs to be the strongest, or, at least the second strongest after winemaking.
Thanks to Tegan for alerting me to this brush-fire.

Similar experience recently. Somehow can’t figure out a login as my email’s already registered but don’t receive any password reset emails when I try to request a reset. Also got charged immediately - bought some bottles in the recent batch of library closeout offerings, no confirmation email, and then randomly got a notice from Vinfillment of it being shipped few weeks ago and arriving shortly after. In the end it worked out for me as my shipping address is a business address.

Thanks for the reply! I sent a repeat email today with the tracking number. Hope that it finds you. Thought that the emails would automatically have return address. I used the dialogue box on the website. BTW Abe the Prince is an interesting and unique wine. Really want to try it again!

Sent PM…