Ogunquit Maine

Going back for the first time in years for a long weekend in August. Anyone been there lately with any suggestions? On the way up we’ll stop at Chauncey Creek. Tried to get reservations at Earth At Hidden Pond but all sold out

Only made a lunch stop there last year, but I still daydream about that beautiful afternoon on the patio at Barnacle Billy’s with a lobster roll, clam chowder, and their white house wine.

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only 3.5 h north (cough). but the best pizza i have ever eaten in north america was here

need reservations these days…

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It’s a fantastic place for a long weekend escape, especially in August. Chauncey Creek is a great first stop their lobster rolls are legendary. Sorry to hear Earth at Hidden Pond is booked, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Ogunquit has a ton of delicious options.

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Wound up getting reservations at Earth

Headed to Southern Maine tomorrow. Dinners at Twelve in Portland and Earth and Lunch at Little Barn scheduled along with stops at the Maine Diner, Clam Shack and Nunan’s planned.

I also get to give the Airport folks a chuckle as I fly from Portland to Portland.


We had a great lobster roll lunch last year at Barnacle Billy’s in perkins cove as well.

Dinners last year we ate in town at northern union, clay hill farm, and five-o shore road, five-o was the best of the 3 though none were particularly special, all just fine.

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