offsite storage recommendations?

Hi everyone, newhere
I have a somewhat unusual question so any suggestions are more than welcome.
We’ll be moving to Europe this fall for an extended gig, and I am looking for a way to temporarily store my mailing list purchases… Which means professional offsite storage. Ideally I also want a way to be able to bring some bottles with me on my frequent visits to NYC. Unfortunately, this cannot be a locker/unit facility - wine would get delivered to them in my absence and in small/random quantities. I don’t expect the total to go over 7-10 cases at any one time…
So, basically I would be very interested in recommendations on two things:

  • what offsite storage with the above restrictions would you recommend? I haven’t had any experience with them so far. It could be anywhere really, as if I find a good one, I might just store the wine there until I figure out where I’ll be based eventually (i.e. without removing anything).
  • any particular places that allow you to pull bottles (not full cases) and deliver to NYC on short notice?
    I have looked online and found a few places, but wanted to check what people who know more than I about such things think. Any help would be much appreciated!

I’ve had wine at New York Wine Storage in Long Island City since 1994 and have been very happy: Sign In| Vino Vault The one drawback is that it’s not in Manhattan, so not so convenient for picking up a few bottles on a swing through. They will deliver, but there’s a four-case minimum, I believe.

I also have a locker at Chelsea Wine Storage (, and I believe they can receive deliveries and put them in your locker. I use this for mid-term stuff I need access too. I think it’s now hard to get a locker there, though.

(P.S. You might want to edit that heading to add in “NYC.”)

I don’t know their delivery policy but I use Domaine Storage and m very happy with them.

Thanks very much for all the suggestions.
If anything else comes to mind, please, keep them coming. :slight_smile:
I’ll check out these ones in the meanwhile.

Domaine will accept deliveries and pull bottles from your cellar for a small additional fee. I use them here in STL, but have wine delivered to the NJ location, then fwd’d to me here. No problems at all.

To summarize… (in case someone finds it useful).

After a while, having been in touch with quite a few places, it looks like I will have to find an alternative solution.
Buying a cheap wine cooler and setting it up at a friend’s place is always an option… :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the great suggestions. The problem I’ve run into is mostly either minimum monthly charge or excessive (for my circumstances) fees for delivery (usually based on a several cases minimum whereas I only need less than a case each time).

The best places for small time storage seem to be either Chelsea Wine Storage (but they are at capacity and are not accepting new customers) or the Vintage Wine Warehouse (minimum monthly charge + delivery issues).