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I can’t find ANY reviews on CT or elsewhere. The website for the winery given in the WTSO blurb doesn’t even appear to be the right winery!
But I LOVE Amarone, so I am tempted.
Has anyone heard of this winery?

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Information on Wine-Searcher is that there is one bottle of 1995 available for sale in Germany for $65.00.

I always wonder if there is not one vintage of this wine available for sale in some type of quantity anywhere in the world…something ain’t right.

That is some serious Amarone. We sold a lot of the 1990 Riserva (hand written in gold ink on each label as there was no DOC for Riserva!) a few years back.

Lots of info:,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.48705608,d.cGE&fp=cf3b742c478d1742

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I’m reading this vintage was problematic-true?

With Amarone, you get a second shot at reaching your numbers when you dry the grapes. Rarely is there a truly “bad” vintage quality wise, weather effects quantity more with passito wines.

Well, I have some more information that I just got by calling the importer (Superior Wine Selections), whose name is JUST BARELY visible on the photo of the bottle on the WTSO website. They were very helpful. Here is what I learned:

The winery is NOT “Villa Bellini”, it is just “Bellini”. They have no website. They are located in the village of Marano di Valpolicella and are run by a family named Campagnola.

The wine has never been imported to the U.S. before and has not been rated in U.S. publications.

After I spoke with them I found that there is a well-known winery named Campagnola based in that village (see, so this is a bit mysterious. Perhaps the family had some reason to bottle some wine under a different label?

In any case, I bit the bullet and ordered 4 bottles. I chose to delay shipping until October but will try to post back my impressions!

PS. See also:

CRAP! Missed it!

Chat about the latest deals here…


Bought several bottles of Domaine Latour Corton last cheapskate Wednesday. Opened upon arrival an noticed signs of leakage on two. I’m pretty sure i forgot to hold shipping and it went out during exceptionally hot week in Denver. Contacted them about replacements. All gone but they reimbursed the 2 bottles and said to keep them. I’ll check on one soon to see if they were damaged, but excellent customer service!

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Isn’t this like the third such thread?

They’re the same as always. Some crap and some excellent deals. They’ve had some of our wines that were priced less than the former wholesale price.

92 Burghound/90 Tanzer NV champagne for $30 looks like a buy

A 2011 (wow!) Oakville cab is up right now. Odd, as I thought these flash sites were for excess inventory - that’s got to be the first Napa Cab I’ve seen on the market that wasn’t a mass-produced wine.

2011 Argyle Pinot for $16 per and free shipping on 6 is a great deal.

Todd, what Cab was it??

I literally just checked and instead saw the Argyle Pinot deal, which is nothing to scoff at either…

Your looking at Last Bottle…too many sites [swoon.gif]