OFFER EXTENDED -UNTIL 8PM 1/28 • Briceland Vineyards • Humboldt County Wines Since 1985

Thanks for checking out our offers. I love being part of the Wine Berserkers community and I look forward to hear from you as you taste the wines. The offers reflect around 30% savings from winery retail.

Below the offers is some background our winery.

Offer #1 - Pinot 3 Pack:
11 Reserve Humboldt Pinot Noir
12 Ronda’s Vineyard Humboldt Pinot Noir
12 Wiley Vineyard Mendocino Pinot Noir
$90 Including Shipping

Offer #2 - Red 3 Pack:
11 Lake Syrah
12 Ronda’s Vineyard Humboldt Pinot Noir
12 Wiley Vineyard Mendocino Pinot Noir
$75 Including Shipping

Offer #3 - White 3 Pack:
12 Humboldt Chardonnay
12 Humboldt Sauvignon Blanc
12 Mendocino Arneis
$60 Including Shipping

Offer #4 - Humboldt Sparkling + Rosé 3 Pack:
NV Humboldt Brut Rosé Sparkling
NV Humboldt Brut Sparkling
NV Humboldt Rosé of Pinot (Dry/Still)
$80 Including Shipping

Combine two 3 packs shipped at the same time and save an extra $10.
Combine three 3 packs shipped at the same time and save an extra $15.
Combine four 3 packs and save an extra $25.

*** CA customers - Ask about a “local” rebate ***

To place your order: email to -
Please include your selection, shipping address, billing address if different and PHONE NUMBER. If you can have your order shipped to a business address, please do so, as it saves me some on the shipping expense. I will call to take your CC over the phone. Or, send the requested details and call: (707) 923-2429 . If you prefer to call in your order, I am more than happy to hear from you. Also, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

PS. If there is something not listed that you are interested in, let me know by email. I can send you our whole list and we can see what we can work out.

About Briceland Vineyards

Briceland Vineyards has been producing wine in Southern Humboldt County since 1985. So, some of you ask, if it is any good, why haven’t I heard about it? Well, my mother and stepfather, Maggie Carey & Joe Collins founded the winery and ran it up until the last couple of years. Joe started researching the viability of planting grapes in our area with a small experimental vineyard in the late 70’s and he is widely credited with establishing commercial wine-growing in our area.

Maggie & Joe built the winery up slowly over 20+ years, gradually increasing production as more local vineyards came online. About 70% of our production is from Humboldt County grapes, almost all of which are farmed organically in tiny hillside vineyards. The remaining 30% is from Mendocino and Lake Counties. We take pride in supporting our local community and our community has supported us as well – over 90% of our wine sell within 75 miles of the winery without the aid of brokers or distributors.

Our winemaking efforts focus on allowing the traits of the individual sites shine through. We strive to make expressive, honest, food-friendly wines that reflect balance and purity of fruit. In other words, as the winemaker, I try to make wines that I also like to drink.

I haven’t sent our wines to many reviewers because we tend to sell out pretty quickly. The best place to read reviews in on our reviews is on I am pleased that we have had multiple wines on the All American Lists each of the last 3 years. All our wines that the Prince has reviewed can be found here:
If you’re interested in learning more about Humboldt County terroir: More wine reviews/tasting notes/awards can be found here: Drag over the wine and the review pops up.

Thanks for checking out our offer and reading about our winery.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Andrew Morris, Winemaker

PS. Anyone looking to visit the scenic Lost Coast or Redwood Parks/Avenue of the Giants, please consider dropping by. We are located about 4 hours north from the Bay Area and we are more than happy to see visitors.

BerserkerBusiness - open for sale 1/26/14

I tasted two Briceland new releases yesterday that really show off their style. Here are my notes:

Briceland 2012 Ronda’s Vineyard Pinot Noir $35

A fine vintage from a renowned vineyard by a skilled winemaker who knows how to stay out of his own way. This vineyard’s position in site of the Pacific lends it amazing color and structure, similar to the wines of Jenner and Annapolis. But instead of the tight, reductive austerity those wines display, this delivers already the same forthcoming strawberry fruit and cherry blossom perfume that have marked previous vintages, with firm tannins and a lively Humboldt kiss of acidity. Drinking fine now, it will easily age a decade in any reasonable cellar. The ’97 was a lighter wine and is holding up just fine now.

Briceland 2011 Lake County Syrah $27

For all its weight and complexity, Syrah can be terribly tedious and lacking in a central core of fruit. Not this one. Lake County’s high altitude brings out bright plum and cranberry aromas and its volcanic soils impart a lively mineral energy to the finish. In between are tertiary complexities: grilled beef, mustard, black pepper and leather in supporting roles around a wonderfully fresh, fruity center driven by substantial acidity. You couldn’t call it restrained, but with only 13.8% alcohol with hardly any apparent oak, it’s a wine of terroir rather than manufacture, well-bred in the way that Sting has manners.

I plowed thru a six-pack of the Arneis in record time this past Summer. It was my favorite white in the house for the short time that it lasted. It’s crisp but substantial enough to pair with anything.


I am glad you liked the 2012 Arneis. I wish his vineyard was bigger.

I have enjoyed the wines you sent for our trade as well. Some time when I come to the Bay Area, I’d like to look at your Marin vineyards. The PN’s are clearly finesse wines, far from the fruit bombs people have in mind when when they think of CA PN.

Let’s trade more and stay in touch.

This is the broadest variety I’ve seen from Briceland


Order in! great pinots great prices [cheers.gif]

The Ronda’s Pinot is phenomenal.

My notes are here:

Funnily enough, my favorite wines are in each of the 4 packs – the Ronda’s, the Syrah, the Arneis, and the Brut Rosé (the Rosé of Pinot is damned good too).

Trying to cut back on purchases this year, but upped my Briceland order as they seem to go fast. Really awesome pinots for those who don’t necessarily go for California pinots. Excited to reload!


Ha! I ordered the pinots, plus the bubbly- can’t wait to try the rose bubbly!

[swearing.gif] push me any further and my wife is going to kick me to the curb

But would you be at the curb with or without the wine?

I live in California…I will get nothing and like it [shock.gif]

first-time buyer here so i got a mixed red + a bubbly pack

andrew called to get my info and the “local” rebate is pretty cool :slight_smile:

Sure, sure…

I’m a huge fan of the bubbly, personally. I’m having to use a lot of restraint to hold back on this!

Thanks to everyone for participating in the fun, particularly the donors! Great event. I appreciate your support in the thread.


Our offer was late in the day, so I have held it open in case anyone missed it during the frenzy.

Recently had the Ronda’s Pinot with bourbon ribs, roasted root veggies and tapas… Fantastic! Everyone wanted more of everything. Great wine, supporting a great time. Thanks, Briceland.

If you are still thinking about it, now is your chance. Until 8pm.

Thanks for support.