UP TO 30% OFF our small production single vineyard wines + flat rate shipping!We are so excited to be participating in BERSERKERS DAY 13!
A HUGE thank you to Todd and his crew for hosting this amazing event and giving us the opportunity to share our wines with you.
And Thank YOU for your support! We are a small family run business and this is a great opportunity for us to share our wines and make new connections. With an already approachable price point for Napa Valley Cabernet, and our very small production, deals like this are rare treat so please enjoy!
Due to the limited quantities of wine available for this offer, orders will be fulfilled on a first come first served basis.

Stellareese Wine is a husband and wife collaboration, specializing in tiny lots of single vineyard wines. Geoff is the winemaker at Revana Winery in St. Helena and Rachel runs Stellareese Collection, a line of wine country inspired wine totes and travel gear. Stellareese Wine is our passion project and we are excited to offer you these special deals.

$15 FLAT RATE SHIPPING on 3 & 6 packs
$25 FLATE RATE SHIPPING on 12 bottles (mix and match is OK)
Please do leave us a comment below if you’ve enjoyed our wine in the past or you are trying it today. It helps others to buy with confidence and it boosts our ranking in the thread. :slight_smile: Thank you so much for looking at our offer today! [cheers.gif] LINK TO ORDER PAGEStellareese Wine Sampler: 3 pack SRP $195 BD12 DEAL $156 (20% Off / Save $39) + Stellareese Collection Canvas and leather single bottle wine bag_] Just 24 sampler packs available! A taste of our ultra small production, single vineyard wine offerings. (see below)
2018 Lucid Poet whole cluster fermented Grenache 120 cases produced
2016 Marcey’s Vineyard Cabernet, Calistoga AVA , 250 cases produced
2016 Stellareese RESERVE Cabernet (old Vines) 2 barrels produced

3 PACK 2018 Lucid Poet whole cluster fermented Grenache 120 cases produced
: SRP $139 BD12 DEAL $108 (20% Off / Save $27)

Stellareese Cabernet 2016 Napa Valley, Marcey’s Vineyard, Calistoga AVA Cabernet Sauvignon (250 cases produced)
3 PACK: SRP $165 BD12 DEAL $132 (20% Off / Save $33)

6 PACK: SRP $330 BD12 DEAL $247.50 (25% Off / Save $82.50)

12 PACK : SRP $660 BD12 DEAL $462 ( 30% Off / Save $198) + Stellareese Collection Canvas and leather single bottle wine bag

LINK TO ORDER PAGENo codes needed, wine is discounted if you use the links provided.All wine orders will ship ground, when weather permits
Please use drop down menu at checkout to choose shipping based on the number of bottles you ordered.

$15 FLAT RATE SHIPPING on 3 & 6 packs
$25 FLATE RATE SHIPPING on 12 bottles (mix and match is OK)
**Geoff and I will be available to answer any questions so feel free to reach out by email:

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I grabbed some Stellareese on BD last year on a whim and really enjoyed it. I was bummed not to see a return of the Chardonnay (one of my favorite whites from last year), but I can’t wait for some more grenache!

Thank you so much Sanjay!
We too are bummed that there’s no
More Chardonnay to offer. The 18 Grenache is drinking beautifully.
So appreciative of your support.
Take care!

I popped a Marcey’s 2016 a couple weeks ago with some winemaker friends. It was lights-out delicious! It was my last. No better time than to re-up right now!

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Bought the 2015 Marcey’s last year, in for a 3 pack of the 2016 today. Thanks!

Order in earlier today. Only have 1 of the 2015s left from last year, so needed to get a 3-pack of the 2016s.

Thank you Bobby!
Im super excited to hear about your new projects too. Cant wait to try Black Powder!

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Thank you so much for your support. You’re going to love the 2016!
Cheers! [cheers.gif]

Thank you so much Marc! you will love the 2016, its drinking great right now.

Really cool wine bags and excellent wines to place in them!!

Great offer! Love these wines and wine totes!!!

Really enjoyed the Grenache and Chard from last year and use the 3 bottle bag whenever I’m going out!

Thank you Tim!

The 2016 Cabernet exceeded high expectations. If you liked the 2015, you will love the 2016. Wanted to order a case but need to pace myself with a 6 pack.

Thanks so much Andy! Love to hear you are using the bag too. Hope your having a great berserkers day. We’re so appreciative of your support!

Awesome to hear!
Thanks so much for your order and your continued support!
Cheers! [cheers.gif]

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Thank you Heather! Hope you’re having fun and selling lots of Saunter !

Thanks so much for the awesome order Kelly! Hope you enjoy these. Have a great day.

Thanks so much Alexander!
Hope you enjoy these wines.