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Update 2/4/19:
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Dear Friends,
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For Berserkers Only, Bohème presents three special offers

2014 Bohème Library Pinot Noir 2X Horizontal 6-Bottle Set, includes 2 each:
2014 Taylor Ridge Vineyard Estate Pinot Noir - Occidental, Sonoma Coast; WE 93 Pts
2014 English Hill Vineyard Estate Pinot Noir - Bloomfield, Petaluma Gap/ Sonoma Coast; WE 94 Pts
2014 Stuller Vineyard Estate Pinot Noir - Occidental, Sonoma Coast; WE 94 Pts

2015 Bohème Pinot Noir 2X Horizontal 6-Bottle Set, includes 2 each:
2015 Taylor Ridge Vineyard Estate Pinot Noir - Occidental, Sonoma Coast; RP 92+ Pts
2015 English Hill Vineyard Estate Pinot Noir - Bloomfield, Petaluma Gap/ Sonoma Coast; RP 93 Pts
2015 Stuller Vineyard Estate Pinot Noir - Occidental, Sonoma Coast; RP 94+ Pts

2013 Bohème Old Mancini Ranch Zinfandel Old Vine Zin Lovers 6-Pack, includes 6:
2013 Old Mancini Ranch Zinfandel; Planted 1922 on Olivet Rd, Russian River Valley
Dry-Farmed Field Blend of Zinfandel, Alicante Bouschet, Carignan & Petite Sirah

Tasting Notes by Berserkers’ own Thomas R. Hill—thank you, Tom [cheers.gif]:
2015 Vintage Pinot Noirs + Mancini Zin - Dec. '18:
TaylorRidge PinotNoir (100% Swan clone; 20% w-c frmt; 13.7%; 0.65 ton/acre; slight new oak) 2015:
Fairly dark color; some toasty/oak very strong black cherry/black cherry cola/PN quite perfumed/aromatic
nose; rather tart/tangy very strong black cherry/black cherry cola/some spicy/peppery light toasty/oak
bit earthy flavor w/ modest gentle tannins; very long/lingering very strong black cherry/black cherry cola
some toasty/oak finish w/ modest smooth tannins.

EnglishHill PinotNoir (13.7%; 25% w-c frmt) 2015: Med.dark color; strong toasty/oak bit more earthy strong
black cherry/black cherry/cola light earthy/peppery/spicy flavor w/ modest gentle tannins; very long/lingering
bit more earthy finish; bit more earthy/Burgundian character and more structured but a bit less aromatic.

Stuller Pinot (13.5%; 33% w-c frmt) 2015: Rather dark color; very strong black cherry cola/black cherry/PN
more intense PN fruit bit more aromatic light earthy/Burgundian nose; fairly tart/tangy very strong black
cherry cola/PN/black cherry some toasty/smokey/oak bit earthy/Burgundian flavor; very long/lingering very
strong black cherry cola/PN slight earthy/Burgundian finish w/ modest smooth tannins; much more PN fruit &
more aromatic than previous Stullers; maybe the best Stuller yet.

ManciniRanch Zin (14.9%) 2013: Very dark color; very strong blackberry/Zin/very spicy some RRV/boysenberry
light pencilly/toasty/oak light dusty/OV complex nose; lightly tart very strong blackberry/boysenberry/Zin/
very spicy light toasty/oak slight earthy/dusty/OV structured flavor w/ modest gentle tannins; very long/
lingering very spicy/blackberry/Zin/boysenberry light toasty/oak some complex finish w/ modest tannins;
reminds more of the old Swan Zins (post '77) than the Carlisles; lovely very spicy Zin.

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. I’ve always been a fan of the Boheme wines from back in their RanchoBodega days when they were making Syrah
    from AlRago’s QueSyrah vnyd way out at the end of TaylorRidgeRd. KurtBeitler makes his Pinots & Chards in
    more of a restrained/elegant/graceful style that I would compare more to Dehlinger or Radio-Coteau than
    anything. These '15 would normally have been released back in the last Spring, but the release was held
    off until this Fall. I normally tasted thru them about the Spring release.
    I was particularly struck by the quality, across the board, of these 2015 wines. Perhaps because of
    the smaller yields in 2015, they seemed to show more depth & concentration than previous Bohemes on release.
    Perhaps the additional 9 months in btl contributed to that impression. At any rate, I was quite impressed by
    this release. The differences betwixt the two Chards and the three Pinots are relatively subtle, but they are
    distinct when tasted together. Of the Chards, I slightly preferred the EnglishHill. Of the Pinots, it was
    a tossup between the EnglishHill and the Stuller. But you can’t go wrong with any of these.

2014 Vintage Pinot Noirs - July '17:
PinotNoir StullerVnyd/SonomaCoast (10’th Anniv; Hrvstd: Sept.10-14; Y=1.53 tons/acre; EG; 13.9%; 263 cs)
2014: Med.dark color; very spicy/cherry/PN/black cherry cola bit bigger/richer light earthy/dusty modest pencilly/
toasty/oak bit more complex quite perfumed nose; lightly tart strong cherry/spicy/PN/black cherry cola bigger/richer
some earthy some pencilly/toasty/oak flavor w/ modest crunchy tannins; very long/lingering some earthy strong cherry/
PN/black cherry cola some pencilly/smokey/oak finish w/ modest tannins; a bit bigger & richer and more earthy than
the other two Pinots.

Boheme PinotNoir TaylorRidgeVnyd/SonomaCoast (10’th Anniv; Hrvstd: Sept.16; SwanSlctn; Y=1.69 tons/acre; EG;
14.3%; 308 cs) 2014: Med.light color; beautiful black cherry/PN/black cherry cola rather pencilly/toasty/oak very
perfumed nose; lightly tart strong cherry/black cherry/cola some pencilly/oak quite spicy flavor w/ light gentle
tannins; very long strong cherry/black cherry/cola slight earthy light toasty/pencilly/oak slight earthy finish w/
light smooth tannins; a lovely balanced rather Burgundian-style of PN.

Boheme PinotNoir EnglishHillVnyd/SonomaCoast (10’th Anniv; Hrvstd: Sept.2-6; Y=3.3 tons/acre; Dijon 115/667 +
Vosne-Romanee + Calera clones; EG; 446 cs; 14.1%) 2014: Med.light color; more fragrant brighter spicier cherry/black
cherry/PN some pencilly/toasty/oak bit leaner/tighter bit earthy lovely perfumed nose; bit more tart/tangy bright/
spicy/cherry/PN/black cherry some pencilly/oak flavor w/ light brisk tannins; very long bright/cherry/spicer/PN
some toasty/pencilly/oak finish w/ light brisk tannins; very similar to the TR but a bit more earthy and more spicy.

For Info, the Bohème Wines Website, a Berserkers Sponsors Bio and Brief History (from BDIX)

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English Hill Vineyard with Mt St Helena Horizon, Bloomfield, Sonoma Coast

Shoot Thinning Taylor Ridge Vineyard Pinot Noir, Occidental, Sonoma Coast

Sunset at English Hill Vineyard, Bloomfield, Sonoma Coast

Ripping Estate Vineyard, Occidental, Sonoma Coast

Tastevin Sample 2018 Pinot Noir

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Thanks for your order, Leonard! [cheers.gif]


Thank you, Scott! Excited to have you try the new vintage. [cheers.gif] :wink:


Many thanks, Charles!
We appreciate your order; confident you’ll love the wines. [cheers.gif] [cheers.gif]


In for the 2014 6 pack! I’m looking forward to trying these wines!

Hey Kurt.

You’re the man! This guy’s wine is awesome. Folks get on this. 33% off a case plus free ship. No truer sense of place, vision, or person then what’s in these bottles. Go visit the man. Thank me later.

Many thanks, Sheila!
We’ll send it off this coming week.
All best to you, champagne.gif

Help this man! Doktor Schenck off his meds [help.gif]
Wait- think we’ve got just the elixir [wow.gif]

Thank you, Brian, for your order! We’re excited for you to try our wines. champagne.gif

I pulled a 2014 English Hill PN for dinner last night. Found it to be loaded with complex pinot noir flavors, but in a subtle and understated way. Definitely not a full throttle California Pinot, nor is it Burgundy, more like a perfect union between the two :slight_smile:

I mentioned that more of this might be available, and my wife said “get it”. It’s not very often that my wife says go buy more wine!!! Where else can you buy wonderful pinot that already has four years of age on it?

I made sure to put my order in before I posted this note :slight_smile:

A kind note here, Peter – thank you for your order.
Agreed, English Hill PN merges Sonoma Coast, Burg and even Oregon.
Was approx 25% Whole Cluster (I planted 5 clones at that vyd, including Dijons, Calera & Vosne Romanee) - to my palate delivers exotic/ grassy/ earthen notes with far coast dried cherry.
-Believe we can supply all EH bottles (in lieu of others) if that’s your preference. Let me know!

In for a sixer of the 2014 PN and a sixer of the zin - can’t wait to try it

Thank you, Dave! Excited for you to try the Pinots and Zin–both delicious. [cheers.gif]

Thank you, Jeff!!
Thank you, Dustin!!
Thank you, Christine!!!

Posted Tom Hill tasting notes beneath offers for further reference

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Folks, don’t mess around. This is phenomenal juice.

In for each of the Pinot offers. Send me the case.

Can one succumb to latitude toxicity? Or yeast extract??
Mark it zero, Joe- We’ll send you the case!! [dance-clap.gif]

Thank you, Mr. Potter!!
We’re excited for you to try our wines. [wink.gif]

Hi Friends,

Thanks for the monstrous BD10 orders! We’ve got a lot of shipping to do. Please email or ring if you have special shipping requests.

Also, we’re keeping the offers open through today for any late birds. Pls lmk of you have any questions.

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