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-Jerry D. Murray
Owner/ Winemaker

PROJECT M Wines was founded in 2016 to make wines free of the influence of CEOs, marketing departments, and eccentric winery owners. After nineteen vintages of making wine for others, we decided it was time to pursue the wines that haunted our dreams. Across three continents and many vineyards in many climates, we gained the perspective that all wines are shaped by the forces of people, place, and time. PROJECT M is an elaboration and exploration of those forces.

We take our responsibility as winemakers seriously and practice our craft with great reverence. Working with exceptional Willamette Valley Vineyards, farmed with great passion and skill, we create Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Sparkling Rosé to pursue the virtues of precision and purity, elegance, and transparency.

Note: We can ship nationwide, except for Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Mississippi, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Utah. If you’re in South Dakota or Connecticut, please email us at wine@projectmwines.

More about Jerry D. Murray’s winemaking here.



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    OFFER #1: 2 Muses Sample Pack
    At PROJECT M, we believe the grapes most capable of purity, precision and elegance are Pinot Noir and Riesling, our two muses.
    Our SchlĂĽssel Riesling, made in a dry style, is sourced from two organically farmed vineyards. Personify, a blend of the four unique and varied Pinot Noir vineyards we work with honors the influence of People on wine. Honoring the contribution of place, our Bednarik Vineyard Pinot Noir comes from 40-year-old, own-rooted Pommard and Wadenswil vines growing in a mix of marine and Missoula flood sediments and co-fermented to create greater complexity.

You will be getting:

  • 2017 SchlĂĽssel Riesling
  • 2018 SchlĂĽssel Riesling
  • 2018 Personify Pinot Noir
  • 2017 Bednarik Vineyard Pinot Noir

Wine Pack only: regularly $145, NewbiePalooza Price $130.
Wine Pack with Private Virtual Tasting: regularly $210, Newbiepalooza Offer: $140
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OFFER #2: 2018 Single-Vineyard Pinot Noir Pack
At PROJECT M, we select each vineyard for a specific purpose. With varying geology and geography, each delivers a wine with a distinct personality.
From the AVA of the same name, the historic Chehalem Mountain Vineyard produces our most generous and darkly fruited wine. It is a clear reflection of the Pommard Clone and Marine Sediment soils on which it is grown. Our block at the biodynamically farmed Momtazi Vineyard in the McMinnville AVA is a steep, south-facing promontory of red volcanic clay. It favors earth, spice, and animal over fruit and rewards patience in both the glass and cellar. On the northeast extreme of the Eola-Amity Hills, Filament Vineyard, produces a wine with structure resting predominately on acidity, exhibiting dimensions that favor length over width and a racy sense of acceleration. The own-rooted, 40-year-old Pommard and Wadenswil vines of the Bednarik Vineyard pull from Missoula flood and marine sediment soils. It is characterized by an herbaceousness and slightly rustic tannins that are carefully managed. These wines speak clearly of the places from which they come.

You will be getting:

  • 2018 Filament Vineyard Pinot Noir
  • 2018 Momtazi Vineyard Pinot Noir
  • 2018 Chehalem Mountain Pinot Noir
  • 2018 Bednarik Vineyard Pinot Noir

Wine Pack only: regularly $220, NewbiePalooza Price $198.
Wine Pack with Private Virtual Tasting: regularly $285, Newbiepalooza Offer: $208
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OFFER #3: Formative Forces Pack
With the Formative Forces, we explain our thesis: every wine, regardless of the grape or region, is shaped by the forces of people, place, and time. Personify, honoring People is a blend of the four Pinot Noir vineyards with which we work. It defines PROJECT M’s intention and style. Place is clearly and transparently represented by our 2017 Momtazi Vineyard and Chehalem Mountain Vineyard Pinot Noirs. These two vineyards are also the source material for our 2017 Kairos Series Pinot Noir titled “Polarity.” Kairos, like time, is never repeated. Each vintage bears a unique name, label image and is crafted with a specific creative impulse. Polarity explores the coexistence of extremes and the unique properties that arise in the space between them.

You will be getting:

  • 2018 Personify Pinot Noir
  • 2017 Chehalem Mountain Pinot Noir
  • 2017 Momtazi Vineyard Pinot Noir
  • 2017 Kairos “Polarity” Limited Edition Pinot Noir

Wine Pack only: regularly $216, NewbiePalooza Price $187.
Wine Pack with Private Virtual Tasting: regularly $281, Newbiepalooza Offer: $197
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Hi Jerry,
I feel super fortunate to have been selected to review your wines as they were all fabulous. My notes are coming next.



The people behind PROJECT M are Meg and Jerry Murray who have spent over 30 years in the wine industry and created a vision for the style and kind of wines they desire to make which include a sparkling rose, Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley.

Their mission statement says a lot about who they are and where they are coming from: “Our greatest ambition is to have our wines there when you are living yours.”

I received 11 wines in all, 2 of which were Rieslings and the remainder Pinot Noir.

Prior to perusing their website and reading any reviews that may be there, I tasted through each one. My wine notes typically reflect characteristics starting with color, aromatics, taste profile, mouthfeel, finish and overall impressions along with some minimal technical data for some of the wines which in this case, I will glean from which their website after writing up notes.

Of course, the impressions I get are predicated on the space I’m in when tasting wines, so I can say I approached these wines with interest, curiosity and respect and my palate prepared.

Additionally, Jerry Murray responded to my email request to provide more detail with enough information for me to realize they have put a lot of time, thought, energy and experience into crafting their wines and are committed to doing it righteously, allowing for “terrior” and in their words, telling a story that has 3 chapters, one for each, people, place and time”.

Now for the wines. I allowed the bottles to rest for 5 days after the shipment was received and placed them in my temperature and humidity controlled wine cellar; I did two tastings of each wine over 4 days; for each one, I used varietally correct Sophienwald stems for both the Riesling and the Pinot Noir; the Rieslings were initially chilled at refrigerator temp= ~38 degrees, and the Pinots were slightly chilled= ~ 55 degrees;

The notes are In the order tasted:

2017 PROJECT M SCHLUSSEL RIESLING WILLAMETTE VALLEY- 12.2 % abv, 4.1 RS; the fruit is sourced from 2 organic vineyards; pale yellow color; it had an inviting nose of mild mineral and a hint of flint along with white peach; all continued on and were joined on the palate by mild notes of lemon, tangerine and orange zest; it had a medium body, light weight texture and a hallmark of elegance; although there is some reported RS, this is not a sweet wine; it is nicely balanced and very refreshing.

2018 PROJECT M SCHLUSSEL RIESLING WILLAMETTE VALLEY- 12.5% abv; following its pale yellow color came aromas of mineral infused white grapefruit and tangerine that were joined by lemon, lime and the continuation of the nice streak of minerals; its oily texture added to the sensory experience as did its elegance and especially its already achieved state of balance; excellent wine.

2017 PROJECT M KAIROS “POLARITY” PINOT NOIR WILLAMETTE VALLEY- 14.1% abv; this is a one time release under this name and is a 50/50 blend of two vineyards, Chehalem and Momtazi that are stated to be diverse in their nature; it has a medium red color and mild aromas of smoke, earth, talc and honey accented red cherry and raspberry which continue on to be joined by cranberry and red plum; it has a smooth mouthfeel, is medium bodied and had a pleasant finish.

2018 PROJECT M FILAMENT VINEYARD PINOT NOIR WILLAMETTE VALLEY- 13.9% abv; the fruit comes from a higher elevation and East facing vineyard in the Walnut Hill area; dark red color; it has a very nice nose of vanilla, honey and spicy red cherry and blueberry; once tasted it also gave up some nice, fresh red berries and cranberries with a touch of tartness; all of the fruit came tougher at the end before fading out gracefully.

2017 PROJECT M BEDNARIK VINEYARD PINOT NOIR WILLAMETTE VALLEY- 13.8% abv; sourced from their own vineyard grafted over to Pommard and Wadenswil clones; I loved this one from the nose through the tail; it had a darker red color, distinct aromas of vanilla and red cherry as in announcing a mouthful of cherries is forthcoming which was confirmed once tasted; it was augmented with allspice accented blueberry while being delivered in a medium body with a soft texture; the streak of allspice and bigger fruit profile distinguished this from the ones above; as with those wines, the finish was a culmination of everything coming together.

2018 PROJECT M PERSONIFY PINOT NOIR WILLAMETTE VALLEY- 13.9% abv; this is a blend of 4 vineyards from the Chehalem Mountain Vineyard/ AVA; the order I selected seem to be crescendoing upward as this wine took it to another level with more of everything and it held on for a welcomed long finish; it had a dark purple color and the nose contained a bounty of fresh and ripe fruit which on the palate translated into vanilla laced strawberry and blueberry; it was medium bodied, had a velvety texture and as stated, it held on for a grand finale; my fav of the first 4 Pinots, all of which are good and worthy of finding my glass.

2017 PROJECT M MOMTAZI VINEYARD PINOT NOIR WILLAMETTE VALLEY- 13.5% abv; clone 115 from block C, McMinnville AVA; dark red color; the pleasant nose had burnt black cherry and the taste profile included nice, fresh and ripe red and black cherry with strawberry coming in late; it was soft, medium bodied and finished with a touch of tartness.

2018 PROJECT M MOMTAZI VINEYARD PINOT NOIR WILLAMETTE VALLEY- 13.8% abv; this was richer and had more fruit and body than the 17`; the color was the same dark red, but the nose had a distinct talc accent and for the first time, the red fruit notes had a wildness to it; past mid palate, more pronounced strawberry and red cherry was evident as was some clove and it held on for a longer finish in this nice, medium bodied wine.

2017 PROJECT M CHEHALEM MOUNTAIN VINEYARD PINOT NOIR WILLAMETTE VALLEY- 14.4% abv; this vineyard in the Chehalem Mountain AVA was planted in 1968 by the legendary Dick Erath; Pommard clone; dark red color; the nose offered layers of depth and each one had nice red fruit character embellished with a hit of spice and a mild toasty accent not perceived in any of the other Pinots; this nicely balanced wine also transitioned from red cherry and red currant to strawberry and had a soft, smooth texture; it finished on an upbeat.

2018 PROJECT M CHEHALEM MOUNTAIN VINEYARD PINOT NOIR WILLAMETTE VALLEY- 13.8% abv; the color was a darker red purple; the aromas now have more talc and sandalwood to enhance the cranberry and red cherry fruit before a welcomed dollop of strawberry joins in; the super smooth mouthfeel added to the sensory pleasures; I noticed more similarity in these two SVDs than I did the others and loved them both.

2019 PROJECT M BEDNARIK VINEYARD PINOT NOIR WILLAMETTE VALLEY- 13.8% abv; dark red color; the nose had mild smoke and jujube fruit at first, then a touch of honey and vanilla along with red and black cherry; all continued on with the smoke more noticeable and now a good hit of clove comes in as well as some cranberry to join the fun; as with most others, this was medium bodied, smooth and had a pleasant finish. I reviewed my notes re the 17` and the biggest difference in the taste was the absence here of the allspice and blueberry.

Final impressions/ comments:

These wines changed and improved dramatically over time and were most expressive after 30-60 minutes in the glass and even 24-48 hours later.

Each cork I pulled for all bottles had three words repeated twice, Honesty, Beauty and Elegance. It’s clear, these folks bring some super fine energy behind their product and have put a lot of thought, time and energy into delivering it.

In a word, the wines were across the board ELEGANT. Each had their own personality and character and all were good and easily recognized as being well made. Some were already balanced and those that were not, only need just a little more time, especially as it relates to the fruit integration, and those that were not, are pleasant enough now to open and track them as they mature.

The common thread that runs through the wines besides elegance has to do with them having a nice fresh fruit profile, a soft, smooth feel, medium body and weight and nice acidity.

The back labels on all bottles included their mission statement communicating their genuine commitment to excellence.

If you are one who puts some credence into consuming anything that has been prepared with love and good energy, these wines merit additional consideration beyond how fabulous they are.



Great notes Blake! Great write-up too!

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Thank you Blake! While your entire post was quotable (and I wish my website sounded so good) the last bit was my favorite. I’m always thrilled when someone “gets” what we are trying to do. I appreciate it.

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When I received Jerry’s shipment of wines at my office I was surprised at the size of the box given I was expecting three to four bottles. As I opened the box and found eleven beautiful bottles of wine nestled neatly inside, the excitement, and nervousness, of the task ahead…critically tasting eleven wines in seven days (with a pre-paid Albert Bichon wine dinner sandwiched right in the middle)….overcame me. But then I realized I had an A-1 Pobega opportunity on my hand and I’d soon pop corks, dirty up every glass I have and provide you the best damn tasting notes you’d ever read. I just knew in a mere seven days William Kelley was going to read my notes and immediately fly me to France to fully realize my dream of drinking wine professionally!

Then I logged in to WB to post my notes and found the Wilt Chamberlain (T. French suggested I was following Michael Jordan, but no Jayhawker would want to be MJ, it’s Wilt or nothing) of wine notes had posted the most elegant set of notes ahead of me. So, here goes nothing…

If you want the TL;DR, these wines are well structured, elegant and exactly what I think of when I think of well made Oregon Pinot Noir. I believe fans of WB favorites like Goodfellow and Patricia Green will really enjoy these wines.

(Blake already provided the tech notes, so I won’t get into those)

All wines were tasted multiple times over at least two days (except the Rieslings, because well I just couldn’t keep hands off them) with Grassl (Cru for Pinot Noir and Liberte for Riesling) as the glass of choice. Given the task at hand I did enlist help from multiple people whose palates I trust (a fellow wino, a CS, a WSET II and the most trusted of all, my wife) to taste thru the various wines. While my notes are the forefront, I felt their experience aligned with mine.
In life my two muses are drinking wine and golf, unfortunately I am only good at one, drinking wine. And, well Jerry’s two muse pack is a pretty easy drink.

  • 2017 SchlĂĽssel Riesling
  • Tasted mid-day over a lunch of fresh green salad topped with salmon
  • Light straw color
  • Welcoming, fresh nose with some tartness
  • Limited minerality on the nose
  • Tree fruits such as peach and apricot up front
  • Medium minus body - light texture
  • Long, mouth-coating finish with hints of grapefruit with possibly some orange peel
  • Somewhat sweet but certainly well balanced and refreshing
  • Wonderful wine to enjoy on the patio during an unseasonably warm November day

  • 2018 SchlĂĽssel Riesling
  • Tasted mid-day over a lunch of fresh green salad topped with salmon
  • Light straw color - although darker than 2017
  • Light petrol on the notes, but still limited, if any minerality, a touch of flint
  • Lemon and grapefruit up front on the palate
  • Medium body and medium (more viscous) texture
  • Longer finish than 2017 seemed to hide some underlying citrus notes that may emerge with age
  • Well balanced, but I thought may benefit from a little more time in the bottle


  • 2018 Personify Pinot Noir
  • The day of Pobega wine popped within hours of delivery
  • Rich red, bordering on magenta
  • Immediate notes of forest floor on the nose, my favorite note in Pinot Noir
  • Few floral notes on the nose
  • The immediate nose was tangier than I expected but not in sour way. A lip smacking good way
  • Hints of blueberry up front
  • Black Cherry, not candy like, on the mid-palate
  • Finishing with just a hint of fruity bitterness
  • Medium body that finished longer than I expected
  • Low tannin, but the acid level still provided some of that grip on your teeth you might mistake for high tannin
  • A wonderful, well structured blend that had my wondering just how good must the single vineyard sources be


  • 2017 Bednarik Vineyard Pinot Noir
  • Full, dark red color with just a hint of browning on the edges
  • Lovely, welcoming mossy forest floor notes on the nose that really pulled me in
  • Very round, soft, velvety mouth feel - reminds me of a rose petal after a light rain (thank my wife for this one)
  • Clove, allspice, tobacco and softer earth notes from early to mid to finish
  • Medium acidity
  • Low tannin
  • Medium body
  • Very well structured that seemed to last forever
  • To quote the great American rock band, Cake, this wine had a short skirt and a loooong jacket and that’s my kinda girl

Having greatly enjoyed the Bednarik Single Vineyard I really looked forward to tasting thru the Single Vineyard Pack.

  • 2018 Filament Vineyard Pinot Noir
  • Dark red color, bordering on magenta edges
  • Spicy notes on the nose
  • Nose gave way to a freshness on the palate
  • Fresh cherries, young strawberries - tart young fruits
  • Medium minus body with a longer finish than I expected given the freshness of the palate
  • I would call this a very acid driven, well structured wine that could possibly get much better with additional time


  • 2018 Momtazi Vineyard Pinot Noir
  • Dark red color, not quite magenta
  • Light notes of forest floor on the nose - more of an orange peel up front
  • Light red fruits such as cranberry, sour cherry, strawberry
  • Medium tannins with medium+ acidity that held for a longer finish
  • Balanced but the tannins on this seemed a bit unresolved. In contrast to the 2017, which indicated to me with some bottle time this will be an even better wine

  • 2018 Chehalem Mountain Pinot Noir
  • Dark purple color
  • Very fruit forward nose - the most fruit forward nose of all the wines
  • Dark fruit notes such as dark cherry, blackberry
  • Black tea and light spices on the finish
  • Medium+ tannins and acidity
  • Medium body
  • I found this wine to be the least balanced wine of the pack as it is now, but I expect additional tannins to resolve over time and this to develop in the bottle into a really nice wine

  • 2019 Bednarik Vineyard Pinot Noir
  • Jerry is featuring the 2018 Bednarik in this package, but I received the 2019
  • Having greatly enjoyed the 2017 Bednarik and enjoying this 2019 I am sure the 2018 is great
  • Bright colors, full purple spectrum
  • Light strawberry up front - possibly plums
  • Surprised at how much this is coating the glass for its youth
  • Some sweetness, brown sugar for me, in the mid-palate
  • Medium+ acid and tannin - although the acid may be higher than I think and have me thinking it is tannin given its youth
  • This got better and better as it sat in the glass and the next day
  • Finish is very easy - very crushable young wine

As I moved to the “Formative Forces” pack I knew I was really starting to see Jerry and his teams goal of creating wines of honesty, beauty and elegance coming thru. As I got thru this pack I really saw how they have taken two very different wines and made them into a blend that might be better than its parts.

  • 2018 Personify Pinot Noir
  • See above for notes on this wine

  • 2017 Chehalem Mountain Pinot Noir
  • At initial pop this had a very faint nose, as it sat in the glass over 90 or so minutes the nose began to flourish into a very nice fruit forward classic Pinot Noir cherry nose. This nose stayed thru up to three days later
  • I pretty quickly thought this wine was the highest alcohol of the group and wouldn’t be surprised if the alcohol was a little higher than 14.4 on the bottle
  • Dark red nearly magenta color
  • Lots of dark red fruit on this wine. Dark, black cherries was the main fruit for me. While not intended to be a detriment, there were some cherry cough syrup notes on this bottle for me
  • Some notes of roasted beets or root vegetables as the wine finished
  • Acid was medium while the tannins seemed low
  • Medium body with a long finish
  • Overall a well balanced wine that stood out as the most powerful of the package that would stand up against a hearty winter meal

  • 2017 Momtazi Vineyard Pinot Noir
  • This was tasted side-by-side with the 2017 Chehalem and the difference in alcohol seemed immediate. Quick review showed this to be the lowest alcohol of the Pinot Noirs in the box
  • Dark red with some faint browning on the edges
  • Loads of forest floor, mushrooms, dry leaves on the nose
  • Fruit notes of sour cherry, dried red fruits, cranberries
  • As the wine sat in the glass I began to pick up notes of sweeter cavendish pipe tobacco - possibly the black cherry tobacco my grandpa used to smoke
  • Medium+ body and acid
  • Medium minus tannins
  • I found this be one of the more complex wines of the pack
  • Very elegant and would be a lovely wine to follow over an evening of sitting on the porch while a soft spring rain falls

  • 2017 Kairos “Polarity” Limited Edition Pinot Noir
  • As Jerry notes this is a blend of the two previous wines and he does a great job bringing the best out of each
  • Color leaned closer to Momtazi but was vibrant throughout
  • All that forest floor, dry leaves and tobacco of the Momtazi is right there on the nose
  • The juicier cranberry, young mountain fruits of the Chehalem hits you on the palate
  • Very smooth wine- maybe the smoothest mouthfeel of all the wines
  • Low tannins; Medium+ acidity
  • Very pleasant finish that was a really nice way to wrap up tasting thru the wines

I mentioned it only a few of the notes, but all the wines changed throughout the afternoon or evening in the glass which I love in a wine. Their stuffing held up for at least another day (and in some cases three, if they weren’t empty first) showing an ability to go longer. None faded on day two.

While, it doesn’t impact what’s in the bottle I found everything about this project to be well thought out and showed an attention to detail. The labels are beautiful on the front, very descriptive on the back while their website and social media show a keen eye for photography, writing and presentation.

In conclusion, these are very well made and well thought out wines that I wouldn’t hesitate to cellar and would be proud to give as gifts (it is the holidays!) and/or set on my dinner table.


Blake and JDR - great notes, thanks for putting in all this detail. And huge thanks to Project M for sending out all these testing bottles. Hard to imagine not seeing anything here of interest.


JDR, loved your notes and thanks for the Wilt reference. There’s a long, life changing story about that. Perhaps, another time.

I’m happy we could share the bliss of the Murray`s creation and it appears we both reached the same conclusion about the pinnacle of excellence they have achieved.


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Thank you Blake and Josh for the preview into the wines!

Jerry, thanks for participating in NewbiePalooza, the wines sound awesome, very excited to try them. I tried adding one of each offer to the cart, but when I went to check out, I got an error message saying that the Schlüssel Riesling is only available to club members, and won’t let me check out. Please let me know how to proceed.


Jerry - I’m trying to purchase pack #2, but I can’t complete the order. Getting this error message:

“PROJECT M Bednarik Vineyard Pinot Noir is only available to club members.”

Im in for first two offers… having same issue as Rich.

Sorry about that! This glitch didn’t show up in our previous tests. The changes have been made and the shopping cart should allow purchases to proceed. Thank you for pointing this about.

Apologies to all who have encountered this error.

For what it’s worth, I just tried checking out again and managed to do so with no issues.

it worked!


In for the first selection - cannot resist Riesling, particularly after those great tasting notes!

J Davis,
The above comment is very flattering. Both Marcus and the team at PGC make wines that are understated and speak in conversational tones instead of yelling. That our wines are worthy of comparison to them assures me that we are on track to make the kind of wines we want to be making.

Thanks for all of your comments! I appreciate the feedback.

This wasn’t just my thought. But, all the tasters I shared these with!

We enjoyed them so much I just bought a case!

Thank you for your support!

FYI - I followed a few bottles of the 2016 Project M Riesling SchlĂĽssel over a last couple of years, and they were consistently improving. These are the real deal!