*** Offer closed *** iskaranu: Single Vineyard Pinot Noir - BD11

Hello Berserkers!

We’re happy to present a well priced set of offerings for Berserkers Day 11. In 2017 we produced 4 different Pinot Noirs, 3 from Russian River Valley and one from West Sonoma Coast.

Our Newbie Intro and link to some TNs can be seen here: iskaranu Newbie Intro and TNs link

All 3 of our Russian River Valley bottlings come from different blocks of same vineyard, making them all SVD (Single Vineyard Designate). Although we cannot disclose the vineyard name, per NDA contract, we are excited by its very close proximity to both Dehlinger and Kistler Vine Hill vineyards in the Laguna Ridge area of Russian River Valley, and offering same Goldridge soil, row orientation, drainage and weather patterns. 4 different Pinot clones coming from different blocks of the vineyard.

RRV - Blend of 55% Pommard, and equal parts of 115, 777 and Secret. Driven by the Pommard clone and its deep and earthy notes and structure, red cherry and strawberry are complimented by a touch of savory notes on the nose, followed by red fruits, black tea, some pomegranate and earthiness on the palate, and a long and clean finish. Its a great mix of both Heritage and Dijon clones.

RRV Secret Clone - With no paper trail to pinpoint its origin, with original bud wood taken from a vineyard in Kenwood dating back to a good long while ago, thus making this one a Heritage clone. Grown alongside Dijon clones in this vineyard Secret Clone certainly shows different, thus a separate bottling due to its well defined differences, mainly a savory side to the nose and palate. Perfumy nose of red fruits, tart cherry, wild berry, some wild strawberry and black tea, the palate is similar while providing some earthy and savory notes with great, plush mouth feel and long finish.

RRV mimmä - At times, as one samples through barrels during elevage, some really stand out in a way that tells you they need an audience of their own. mimmä is Sumerian for “whatever…”, barrel selection that will comprise some of our “favorite” going forward. In 2017 vintage it happened to be 2 barrels of clones 115 and 777. Very typical RRV nose, rich and full with notes of red fruits, wild berries, cola, sassafras and black tea, followed by plush mid palate of red fruits, red cherry and wild strawberry, with a clean and long finish.

Sonoma Coast Putnam Vineyard - Located in West Sonoma Coast AVA, way up in the hills of town of Annapolis, and less than 6 miles from the coast at 600 foot elevation. Colder climate Pinot Noir profile as it should be, rich, dense and elegant all at the same time. Plenty of red cherry, wild berry, pomegranate and some baking spices so often found in colder climate Pinot on the nose, palate follows with lots of red fruits, red berries, pomegranate, a touch of citrus with blood orange tinge and white pepper with some mineral notes, and plush, seamless mid palate that flows to a very long and clean finish. Not a word to use lightly, but somewhat of a “Burgundian” in profile.

We’re offering 3 different packs:

4 pack comprised of all 4 wines, includes a bottle of each.

6 pack all RRV wines, 2 bottles each.

3 pack of Sonoma Coast Putnam Vineyard.

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Shipping Notes: We are unable to ship to the following states: AL, AR, MS, MT, ND, NE, NH, OK, PA, RI, SD and UT. Please contact us with any questions regarding shipping to your state, we’ll be happy to work with you to make shipping happen. Orders will ship first week of March (weather permitting).

Appreciate your support and hope you’ll enjoy the wines as much as we do! Do not hesitate to contact us at iskaranu at gmail * com or send us a PM with any questions you may have.

Happy Berserkers Day!!!

Rita & Greg Piatigorski

I had the opportunity to taste these wines with Greg and Rita and they fantastic. I opened a Russian River the other night with some lamb chops and mashed cauliflower. Absolutely lovely wine. Not too heavy, great red fruits and nice acid on the finish. Highly recommended! I need to pick up some more!

What a screaming deal. Some of the best pinots I’ve tasted in a while. Putnam is outstanding. You can an open bottle over a few days and it only gets better. The oak treatment is light on all of these wines and the fruit really shines bright. As far as the RR bottles, my wife lives the standard RR. the oak is nearly fully integrated and it is a classic rendition of RR Pinot. The Mimma is clearly RR but there is a great character and earthiness to that wine and is worth seeking out.

A great lineup of CA Pinot Noir and a staple at our house. I’m in for three more. [cheers.gif]

Appreciate the feedback and orders!

I want to get Pat’s recipe for mashed cauliflower! Good luck today, Greg!

Greg, it’s great to see Iskaranu as a Newbie! Always fun to try wine from winemakers who participate on the boards.

If anyone is interested in tasting notes, I posted mine a few months back:

I have enjoyed the RRV and Secret bottles since then and they were both in good form.

Hey…I’m having some Iskaranu (amongst others) with dinner tomorrow night…lucky me! You can easily get lucky too!

In for a 4 pack. Can’t wait to try these wines!

times 2 :slight_smile:

Sent you email Greg/Rita

Hi Karl, thank you, and post corrected, had to back track and do shipping refunds due to my misspelled post. Corrected above, will be saving me time responding to emails :slight_smile: Its BD11FREE

Order made. Thanks Greg

Thank you all for orders and support!

My recipe is a riff on this recipe I found

You first bake the cauliflower for a more roasted taste for about 40 minutes at 400 and let it brown. Take out of oven and put into a food processor, add a lot of sour cream (full fat) and shredded dry Parmesan cheese and blend it all together. I don’t add the garlic as it doesn’t appeal to me.

This dish is a nice low carb mashed potatoes replacement that I like the taste of. Also pairs well with Pinot!



Thanks for the recipe! I usually roast entire head of cauliflower, stem/leaves and all, simply coated in ras-al-hanut spice mix, adds an interesting deep flavor to it, but will now try it your way for a more subtle combo.

Offer extended.

Greg’s new Iskaranu was among the top 3 wines I tasted at last year’s Falltacular. He knows how to make Pinot, that’s for certain. Get on this, the deal is too good to pass up.

I did! [berserker.gif]

PSA: Orders from West Coast and Southern states going out today and tomorrow.