Off-site wine storage options in Boston? Plus general off-site storage questions

Hey all,

Despite upgrading my wine fridge at home, I know I’m going to get over capacity in the next few months with pre-arrival orders. I live in the Boston area but will likely only be here for another couple years before moving across the country (finishing a fellowship), so instead of sinking money into a larger wine fridge/cellar I’m looking into getting off-site storage.

For those WBs who live in the Boston area and use off-site storage, what have your experiences been like with companies like International Wine Vault and Gordon’s? Are there other reputable storage facilities in the area? I hope to only need to store about 10-20 cases at most (then again, man plans and God laughs).

If you have wine in off-site storage, how does insurance work against theft, cooling system failure, etc?

I haven’t used their wine storage (which has only been on offer for a year or two, I think), but I purchase a good amount of wine from Gordon’s and have been pleased by their customer service over many years. I’d feel confident trying them out if I were looking for offsite storage.

– Matt

I have a similar situation with Gordons. Shop there and like the customer service but haven’t used the wine storage.

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I looked into both Gordons and international wine vault. I ended up building my own in the ends. IWV has the old place out in Brighton and the new place in Natick. Not exact sure where Gordon’s physically stores the wine.

I tend to buy a decent amount from Gordon’s and usually pleased though I think some aspects of their service, mainly communication, can be improved.

If all things were equal I might lean towards Gordons if they can accept deliveries in addition to wine purchased there. Otherwise I would go IWV.


If you think you might be leaving / moving in several years and have a good idea where that might be (i.e. CA). You might be better off getting a storage site there and having all new shipments sent there instead of shipping to MA to then in a few years pack up and move them again.

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Re-upping this thread a couple years in now to see of any recent experiences as I’m in the market for offsite now. Are Gordon’s and IWV basically the only games in town? Anyone have any first-hand experience with Gordon’s storage? Thanks all.

Given what happened to myself and others regarding Bill Holder and Safe Harbor storage, just make sure you have good insurance as well as a accurate inventory of what you store offsite.

My Chubb insurance is worldwide for wine. Only bottle I broke was at my locker and they covered it.

I just moved here in January and looked at both. I went with IWV. Extremely attentive to what I was looking for and it’s a good setup. PM me if you want more info.

I use Gordon’s offsite storage. So far my experiences with them have been quite good, though I don’t really have anything to compare it to. I particularly like the feature where I can get wine from the winery delivered directly to their location and they put it in my locker for a $10 fee. Happy to share more over PM.

Anyone use Wine Storage of Boston in Allston?