Odd lots for sale

Finally getting a little down time, looking through cellar, time to thin to rebuild, as I have more than I will drink

May list more later as I may go through more deeply to see if I want to consign anything to the fall auctions while first offering here.

At any rate for now:

1 x 1968 RMondavi CS $250 spc bn PENDING
1 x 1971 Chappellet CS $250 bn+ PENDING
5 x 2016 Mongeard Mugneret Grands E $1200 for all 5
3 x 2012 Marcassin PN $190 ea
6 x 2012 Trapet Chambertin $300 ea PENDING
5 x 1934 Gomes Colares $350 ea good fills

Located in VA, buyer to pay shipping and 3% paypal

Will of course hold to ship just popping up here now as I have time

Thanks for looking