OC Wine Tasting - Sandar & Hem - May 15th

Hey, @Chris_Seiber and I talked @RobB into coming down to Orange County. Here’s the invite, everyone is welcome. Until it fills up that is!

Come review Rob’s wines in the private tent in a casual atmosphere. Wine and Heavy appetizers provided. We’ll take “donations” to cover some of the food and servers.

Bring a guest or significant other, all are welcome. Hey, make it a Date Night by making reservation with the restaurant and stay for dinner!

For those who aren’t familiar with Sandar & Hem, they are a fairly new winery making chardonnay, pinot noir, rose and cabernet in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Chris Seiber and I have been really impressed with the style, quality and value. Their wines would be a great fit for people who have enjoyed producers like Rhys, Mount Eden, Big Basin and Ridge. Here are links to their website and to a news article about them for a better sense.

This is a great chance to get in early with an exciting winery while pricing and availability are favorable. Hope to see you there.


This is a really great opportunity for Wine Berserkers in and near Orange County. I think these are wines which will really be a hit with many WBers who like the Santa Cruz Mountains, Oregon, Mendocino, and, yes, Burgundy, type styles of pinot and chard.

And the cabernet and cab blends are in the ageworthy, classic style, with real tannic and acid structure, cool fruit, pyrazines, very honest. No milk chocolate and blueberries here.

Brig has designed it to be really easy. Just RSVP, come by, taste, snack, see some of your WBer friends, meet Rob. It can just be that and you can head back home or go on to your next thing, or you can stay longer and make dinner and an evening of it. Foretti’s is a really good neighborhood restaurant, with a big menu, lots of good options, moderate prices, super friendly staff, very supportive of our local wine enthusiast community.

Hope to see many of you there.

Here’s a plug for Foretti’s

(949) 675-2932

I’m a personal friend of Rob’s since before he started S&H. His wines are totally in my wheel house. It would be easy to mistake his Chardonnays for old world.

Last night, I blinded some friends at an offline with 2018 Bruzzone Chard. We all have Old World (non-Parker) palates. One fellow did say he thought it might be new world because of the fruit quality, but that the structure was old world. Chablis was pretty much the guess by a couple of others.

I help Rob bottle and do light vineyard work in Le Boeuf Vineyard which Rob manages.


Thanks for giving me the invite, Brig. I’ll see ya’ll there.

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I had the opportunity to meet Rob and taste through the new release a few weeks ago and highly recommend checking this out.

S&H has as good a lineup as any new California house that I know. And Rob is a fascinating guy to boot.


I’m looking forward to meeting the OC crew on Monday. I’ll be pouring some library wines, a lot of our most recent release including 2021 Pinot and Chardonnays, and maybe even a sneak peak at a new wine we will release in fall. Huge kudos to @Chris_Seiber and @brigcampbell for putting this together!

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Well, that was fun!

I started a topic over in wine talk and I’ll put pictures in tasting notes up there.

Everybody that attended please feel free to jump in over on this thread

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