OC Offline - Burgundy - Sat 3/19

Going to be in Orange County on Saturday 3/19 and thought it would be nice to get together with some of our Southern California Burgundy friends if your schedules permit. Ideally, thinking something on the higher end (Domaine Leflaive, Coche, Leroy, Vogue, etc.) Any interest in an offline?

not sure of my schedule but consider me in. I’m sure some other of the fellow burg heads would be in as well.
Where you going to be in the OC?

I’m in Culpeper, if you want to stay rural. Not sure I bat in your league, Burgundy-wise, but can bring something else interesting.

i’m in! lots of burg at a good OC restaurant with an out-of-towner sounds great.

where should we hold it?

Nice, look forward to meeting you guys!! Pretty flexible on location, and appreciate any of your suggestions on a specific offline friendly place? Figured we should probably give the posting a few days and see if there is enough interest, and then perhaps host somewhere most convenient to the group? 8 folks total would be ideal . . . [cheers.gif]

Tanya & I would be down for this.

Very good Brian, would look forward to meeting you and Tanya!

Sounds fun, but I have no high end Burg…

Don’t let Charlie pick the restaurant - he’s of the belief that Burgundy goes with anything.

Spicy hot pot indeed!!!

Hummm, after viewing Charlie’s world famous blog, http://clayfood.blogspot.com/ , Black Truffles, Cavier, Japanese Shima Aji, I would welcome his suggestion with open arms . . . :slight_smile:

Looking forward to this dinner! If you could shoot me a quick PM with your e-mail, we can work the wine and location details off the board? Anyone else interested in joining us, let me know, should be a great time . . . :slight_smile:


I am interested. Let me know if you guys still have some space available.


Gaurav, absolutely! Would be great to have you join us. Shoot me a quick PM with your e-mail, and we will work the details. Suggest we cap the total at 8. If anyone else is interested in joining, let me know . . . Nick