OC design and building of Wine cellar/bar

Buying a new home in Orange County and need assistance designing a space for a wine cellar and bar. I have some ideas of what I want to do, but don’t have any contacts in the area for design and would rather have a person or company with expertise do this build rather than a contractor (at least for the wine cellar area).

Were you able to get any recommendations? I may be looking at this as well.

If you already have a dedicated space/area you intend to use and can’t find a local for help, there are a number of wine rack builders on line who will help with your design, custom build and ship you the parts and instructions. May even have somebody in your area they work with.

Start here:

We got a fair amount of rack from them. Also got some from:

When we bought our current house, we had Jerry Wilson from Coastal Custom Wine Cellars come take a look and discuss converting one of our rooms into a cellar. We ended up not moving forward with that project (decided we wanted that room for something else, and bought a Le Cache instead), but Jerry seemed like a good guy and someone I’d enjoy working with. So, I can’t vouch for the quality of work since we didn’t actually do it, but I think he’s worth giving a call.

http://www.vintagecellars.com down in San Diego does very nice work and Id imagine they would come up to OC no problem.

With that said here’s a note of caution. If you are going to spend a lot of money building a walk in cellar do it in a house you are sure you will stay in for many years, because you have 1,000 bottles or more and wine cabinets aren’t adequate and/or do it with eyes open that not only wont it add value to your home but rather it will just as likely reduce it. I sold a friends house last year who spent about $30K converting the den in his new house into an amazing walk in cellar. It was probably my dream cellar but there arent many of us.

While we all dream of someone like us buying our home down the line that is not very likely. Everyone that walked into the home went into the cellar as soon as they entered the home as it was a converted office/den right near the front door.

Without fail ever single person that was interested in the house had the exact same reaction. Wow!!! this is really cool!!! So how much do you think it will cost me to convert it back to an office?

He lived there about 5 years and I dont think he would do it it again