NYC wine bars? post pandemic

Hey trying to check out one wine bar a week this year and am looking for recs. So far have gone to Aldo Sohm, Ruffian, and Terroir. I walked into Sauced in Williamsburg and was really turned off by the loud music. I also notice there’s a bunch of local chain wine bars like Corkbuzz and Vin Sur Vingt - I wasn’t a fan of Vin Sur Vingt but haven’t tried Corkbuzz yet.

I’m looking for wine bars where the bartender is willing to share their knowledge. It’s more of a learning experience for me, and a way to try out things without having to buy a bottle. I would prefer if there are bars that can sell smaller pours - I’m a lightweight so am forced to sip and spit.

Some places I’m interested in and hope to try out if anyone can offer their recommendations.

  • La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels
  • Jadis
  • Aria Wine Bar
  • The Immigrant
  • The Ten Bells
  • Gomi Korean Wine Bar
  • Ten Degrees

Also, if anyone wants to check out stuff with me feel free to DM me. I’m trying to make wine friends and study partners. If you can easily turn up to a wine bar after work in lower Manhattan that works for me!

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Definitely check out Corkbuzz, 100%

also, Corkbuzz Chelsea Market just went to 7 days a week, also worth trying. Terroir and Aldo Sohn are great.

SommTime has a cool and different vibe too.

I have not been, yet, but you might like Temperance Wine Bar. I think they do almost everything by the glass.

Skin Contact, LES, is great! run by Eben Lillie, son of founder of Chambers St. Always interesting wines, the staff always know their stuff (if you can go when Eben is there, even better!), and on a non-weekend night, quite chill.

In light of this, you really should add Terroir to your list above. If you’re lucky to be there when Paul Grieco is behind the bar, you’re set.

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This is a great idea. Some restaurants have bar areas with great Coravin selections (and obviously somms). Benoit in midtown off the top of my head.

Jadis looks like an ideal spot to sample a variety of wines by the glass or bottles

Terroir was one she had already been to. I loved it.

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Of the ones you went to, which did you like the best?

I absolutely love the Terroir binder menu - I couldn’t stop reading it and I still have to go back to read more! I was surprised to find a nerdy wine vibe in Tribeca though.

on the subject of wine bars, anyone try justine’s on hudson?

I was at Justne’s within about the first month of it opening and was not impressed at all with the wines btg or bottle. I really was hoping for something special but it was just avg and 50% wines btg changed from the list they gave us but I will say the food was very good. Perhaps it’s better now.

ive heard chatter that its really owned by neal rosenthal and not his daughter and more of a place to offload extra wine rather than do anything special.

i live nearby. the typeface of the logo really irks me. and the curtains so you cant see inside is another turn off.

prices seem high for the food.

everyone here generally has as much wine knowledge as your top wine bar owner so its hard. places that impress me in terms of service, selection, prices are:

-chambers…obviously. the back vintage offerings and prices by the bottle are very respectable.
-bar bete…nick knows wine and has a great selection. used the bartend at terroir in the east village for years.
-wild air…was impressed by the selections by the bottle at my last dinner. staff were friendly. mostly the newer, hipper producers but they have them all and are priced relatively well.