NYC offline

My husband and I are travelling to visit fam/friends in NYC from June 4-9. Would love to join an offline and meet east coast Berserkers. Any interest in an offline either the 4 or 5th of June?

I’m in…let me know if you would like me to organize something or if you already have a location in mind.

We are flex. Been 6 years since I’ve lived in NYC and don’t know the restaurant scene well enough. I’m always happy to research though!

June is a long way away right now. Any ideas what type of place you want to check out?

Some reasonably priced, regular Berserker haunts:

Peking Duck House 53rd st

Szechuan Garden-several locations

Afghan Kebab House- a couple locations.

Sripraphai Thai–Woodside Queens

There are a ton of ideas in the NYC BYO thread for other options, and if you want an intimate affair with 10 or so other Berserkers the private room at North Square is somewhere between $110-130pp.

The NYC crowd doesn’t seem to do the open enrollment OL’s with the frequency we used to, however we do come out of the woodwork for special guests. I’m sure we can get a nice group together for you with 3 months notice.

Time to roll up our sleeves, guys. We haven’t had one of these open invite offlines for a while. Ah for the good old days when we threw a wedding reception for a newly married couple the day after their wedding in Michigan and no one at the table even knew them. I can still remember the great Brunello someone brought.

AmiD - tell us what kind of food you like and we can find something appropriate. Everything from Steakhouses or Haute Cuisine practically down to burger joints.

Hey Jay; Don’t know if you met her but Ami and her husband were at Falltacular…very sweet people . New Yorkers…take care of them!


Well, if Marshall is recommending them then I’ll try and attend :slight_smile:. This should be enough lead time.

Well, at least you remembered why you were there!

This sounds like fun, hope I can make it.

Ami and I have been discussing a bit offline and I am happy to take lead on the set up (location, time, etc).

Been kicking around the idea of a cab and Bordeaux blend theme.

If people want to attend just shoot me a pm as well as a post here if you don’t mind, will just be an easier audit trail for me to track since so far in advance.

Looking like a great group! We’re really looking forward to this trip. :slight_smile:
Thanks Josh for organizing!

Would love to meet some of the New York area Berserkers if there’s room, and put some faces on the names. Will shoot you a PM.

Those dates work for me. Josh, I’ll send you a PM.

As of now it should work for me.

Leo, you and Ami will get along splendidly

Josh, as of now those dates work for me. I’ll shoot you a PM as well. Thanks for organizing!

count me in depending on date

Right now looks like we already have upwards of 14 people and I am expecting at least 3-4 more from my regular group.

Working on getting us a private space at L’Apicio right now that can hold approximately 24 people just to be safe.

Once I hear back on date I will let everyone here know.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

I’d also like to join. The food at L’Apicio is great and prices are quite reasonable.

Hi All,

L’Apicio has confirmed they can accomodate us on June 5th. Date has been booked.

Will send out more details when available but usually what they do for our wine dinners is a 4 course menu, served family style for a set price in the private room. Corkage is a flat per person fee as opposed to a per bottle fee so feel free to bring extras :slight_smile:

Please add me to the list if there’s room.