NYC last minute Bordeaux offline (tomorrow 1/31 midtown)

Small group meeting tomorrow in Midtown East at 7PM @ Bobby Vans, theme is '96 or '00 Bordeaux. 4 of us thus far, and it would be great to grow it by a couple.

Thus far we have:
1996 Pontet Canet
2000 Pontet Canet
2000 Grand Puy Lacoste
[Bottle 4 TBD]
Stickie TBD (depending on group size, 375 1997 Nierpoort / 500ml 2005 Royal Tokaji red / 750ml of 2006 Fargues)

PM me if interested.


Come drink with us! [cheers.gif]

I can’t help with a '96 or 2000. I do own a 2006 Pontet Canet.
My oldest Bordeaux is an '05 Giscours or an '08 Leoville Poyferre. My cellar is mostly California. Is there room at the table?

Always room, Dan. Shot you a PM back and look forward to meeting tomorrow.

I have to clear it with the War Department due commitments tonight and needing to do things at home tomorrow. BUT if I can get it cleared, how about a 2000 Lascombes that I bought en premier?

Hi Jay, shot you a PM

Would love to come but can’t make it. Thanks.

Silent Tom

If the weather was 30 degrees warmer…

Just saw this. I have other commitments but I would be interested some other time. I have lots of Bordeaux in those vintages. I just opened a 1996 Leoville Poyferre this weekend.

I wish I could make it – sounds like fun! A little too last minute for me… Some other time, hopefully.

2000 Pontet-Canet easily secured WOTN

What was the competition?

2000 calon segur: too young
2000 GPL: my number 2
1995 Pontet: others number 2
2006 Pontet: too young

The ‘real’ WOTN was the 1995 Tokah Aszu.

Nice to meet you, Greg, and Mike. Nice to see Clifton again. These dinners are always about the company, the wine, and the food.

See you next time.

Was the other Pontet Canet 95 or 96 (both are mentioned)? And how was it drinking?

  1. Drinking fine but wasn’t a favorite and I think in bottom third for table, although I think one called it number 2 after the 2000. My CT note, which you can place as much emphasis as you would like: Short note off rough memory. Less dense, with more red fruit than the 2000/2006. Not quite thin, but it did feel less delineated/more fuzzy to me on the palate/structure, with a black olive note that I didn’t love in this wine. Resolved tannin with a silkier mouthfeel than the 2000, but I would still take the 2000 over this today, let alone with more age.

Thanks. I have 94/5/6 and 00. We had the 00 last year but I have never opened the 95 or 96.

I was not too far away at Nerai. Excellent food and we had a solid Xinomavro as well.

Just caught this. [rofl.gif]