NYC - Burgundy QPR Reds @ Little Frog (Wed 11/28)

Thanks a ton. I will ping you when I am in NY

Finalizing terms at Little Frog

Cost will be less and may be able to snag a private room. They also have duck.

Confirming Little Frog

322 East 86th Street
86th between 1st and 2nd
347-537-5786 x1

Private room
Minimum $50 per person of food and beverage (including mineral water), ex tax-tip
This should run into ~$75/person all-in with tax and tip
1 champagne flute to start, 3 red stems thereafter, possible white stem _We handle wine service

I calculate $90/person all-inclusive

If everyone orders 1 appetizer ($16), split one duck for a mezze taste ($9), 1 entree ($33), mineral water ($5), and 1/2 a side ($6) = $69 = $89 with tax & tip
So everyone picks an appetizer and entree, the sides and duck will come more family style_

Regrets that I have to withdraw. Just scheduled for some minor surgery on 11/27.

Thanks for letting us know. That opens up two spots.

Hi, bringing 2010 N. Rossignol Volnay 1er Cru Ronceret.

Will someone bring a white?

Chris L had to bow out. Hart, are you in?
We lack a champagne although Chris offered to drop his original offer off.

I think I am in but don’t want to commit and bow out again. If someone else wants in, s/he should take the spot. I can hopefully let you know for sure by Friday at the latest.

Given how costs seem to run higher each time, best to say $100/person vs. the $90 I outlined above…

Since the premier cru Burgundy dinner was cancelled I can bring that Champagne for this dinner.

It will be an 04 or 06 Comtes since the Churchill still hasn’t arrived.

Hart is back

Bringing 15 Trimbach Riesling VV

2018 Gael Greene column on Little Frog. Little Frog - BITE: My Journal

Thanks for sharing! And the Riesling!

Spot opened up

Thanks to Shon and all for a fine evening.

Agreed, fine group of people and wines.

Indeed - thanks to Shan to organizing and it was great to see/meet everyone.

1989 for the win!

I liked the venue and would go back. Two burg stems. Order a la carte. Next time just do charcuterie. Then apps. Then ducks. Still managed to be over budget somehow but at 106, more easy. Unlimited bottles. Private “space”. And cheaper than most other options.
Although that space is really for 8 max.