NYC - Burgundy QPR Reds @ Little Frog (Wed 11/28)

NYC - Burgundy QPR Reds @ Little Frog on 86/2nd (Wed 11/28 @ 6:45PM)
Sh@n A - 1989 Faiveley Cazetiers & 2007 Faiveley Cazetiers
CliftonD - 2005 Domaine Jean-Marc Bouley Clos des Chenes, Volnay
Greg K - 2005 Bitouzet Prieur Caillerets
Jay Miller - 1996 Joseph Drouhin Beaune Greves
ScamHi - 1996 Michel Lafarge Beaune Greves
Thomas Rippe - 2006 Girardin Corton Renardes VV
Diane Kessler - 2002 Chevillon Perrieres
Hart G - 1996 Pousse D’or Santenay Clos Tavannes
Champagne: Jay Miller generously stepping up

Roster Size: Target 9, at least 5
Wine: Aged Village (or 1er), with really rough guide posts of $60-100 bottle. There is no fixed rule on “how aged” something should be. Theme (that was in my head) was to show that you don’t need to buy a $100+ bottle for a good Burg, especially if it has some bottle age on it. And then do the separate tasting of 1ers, and then Grand Crus, on future dates.
Stems: TBD
Location: Frog

Please PM me if you wish to get added/removed to list; this will allow for consistent time stamping in case there is overage.

I defer to groups wishes on Champagne (please post below your preference or donation of a 10th bottle!)
Please send me your wines now or closer to date
Please PM me any suggestions or post here below

Please add me to this dinner.


Thanks for organizing! Please put me down for a 1996 Joseph Drouhin Beaune Greves. I just pulled it from storage last night as it was in the same case as some other wines I was pulling and seemed appropriate for the dinner.

I was asked what the rule for aging would be. To be honest, I didn’t have a fixed rule in mind. The general idea (that was in my head) was to show that you don’t need to buy a $100+ bottle for a good Burg, and perhaps proving this out with Village level with some amount of undetermined age. And then post the QPR tasting, go into 1er and Grand Cru tastings, to offer comparative experiences (and price points for those who wanted to join).

Though if we’re talking QPR you might want to lower the bottle price level from $60. Though that might be my age speaking.

More fun. How about

1990 Domaine Joseph Roty Gevrey-Chambertin Les Champs-Chenys?

Hack owns what?! How come it didn’t burst into flames being in the same room as all that SQN, Saxum and Scarecrow. I also have two bottles left of 1976 Château de la Maltroye Chassagne-Montrachet Rouge that I bought from Post in Syosset on release in 1978. $6 a bottle, which qualifies as QPR. The last bottle I opened was mostly DOA, but the bottle before that was other worldly and the best red burg I have ever had. It has tons of sediment and does not travel well, so I would not bring it as a primary bottle, but if I can arrange to get it to my office a few weeks in advance without doing a Mollydooker shake, I’ll bring it just for fun as a second bottle because I know the other Jay would like to try it.

open to any adjustments. The big flaw in my logic was allowing same dollar cost for purchase and current market value, vs. just going with either or. E.G., a $60 wine purchased 20 years ago would be worth more than $60 today. I am purchasing retail for this one, so my bias was more of current market value (although will try to adjust to what others are bringing as well).

I’ll bring a 96 Michel Lafarge Beaune Greves to pair with the Drouhin

Since this will be relatively close to my birthday, I’ll bring an oddity I’ve got lying around - a 79 Mugneret-Gouachon Nuits St. George Les Perdrix. Since it might well be vinegar at this point, I’ll also bring a suitable backup [cheers.gif]

Looking for a new restaurant location…

Was thinking Peking Duck House or North Square.
I’m open to either.


not a fan of either esp PDH. How about Bite of Hong Kong?

Works for me. Anyone else have a yay or nay vote?

I am indifferent… All sound fine!

ScamHi, do you have a contact for the restaurant to arrange (i) stems and (ii) inquire about gluten free options? I just tried calling myself…they couldn’t quite understand me on the phone [help.gif]

I’m a big fan of PDH (midtown) but am happy to try anyplace.

For Bite of Hong Kong (or any of the Chinatown options) it’s best to bring our own glasses. The secret to making reservations there is to ask for Michael since he has the best English.

Edited to add: though I think their food (which I love) works better for N. Rhone or Sherry than Burgundy to be honest.

Hey guys

Was wondering if there is still a spot available. I am moving from Sydney to NYC around end Oct and don’t yet have a cellar in NY. But I was thinking of bringing 2011 Mugnier, Jacques-Frederic, Clos de la Marechale

Hi Dinesh -we have 9, so I will add you to the wait list. 11/28 is a ways from now, so wouldn’t be surprised if something opened up. Also re the bottle, something to fit the theme better would be great as well (e.g., something with a little more age on it, if that’s doable for you).