NYC - Blind Tasting Dinner

I’m still in.

Confirmed. Thanks again Peter.

We are still in too


everyone has confirmed but 3…


I’m likely a no. Got invited to a last min wedding so that will likely take precedent. Bummed Ill miss it and hopefully will catch the next one.

understood, I’ll take you off the list, thanks

I’m in. I will bring an XYZ and an ABC. Would you prefer that we choose two wines that:

(a) are likely to be confusing because the cheap one is so good that it could outshine the good one;
(b) are designed to show why paying the extra bucks is worth it; or
(c) you don’t care, it’s just grape juice that has rotted and is over the hill.

All great questions and suggestions. I would think each person probably can pick their own theme. Some might do old vs new world. QPR vs just very good… just bring something that I want to drink :slight_smile:


I will bow out since the waitlist is deep. Heading out of town later that week so I will need the time to focus on work stuff.

Have a great time everyone!

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Confirming in.