NYC: Any interest in a Madeira dinner? June/July 23

Since Jay M just did another wonderful Sherry dinner, and it will likely be too warm for a Big Port dinner soon I propose to continue the “Delicious fortified wine” series with…a…

Madeira Dinner. Location and date TBD in June or July. (Once we have a list of people available in June/July & interested, I will send out a doodle poll to nail down a date)

I will likely bring some of these along (definitely the sercial, maybe a couple of others); also a good guide to the typical styles of madeira.

Who’s interested?


I would be interested, thank you!

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It depends on date (it’s a busy time period) and whether I can source some more. I have only two bottles - a 1908 D’Oliveras and an 1875 Barbeito - and they are both already allocated to other events.

OK We have : PeterB, Sam_Kwak, Joseph_Grassa and a potential J_a_y_H_a_c_k

I will leave this up for another week and then send a date poll to the above + others who respond.

Jay: As awesome as deep cuts such as your deeply aged Madeiras are, I think good+ quality bottles with a wide range of styles represented will be plenty good for this crew (myself included)!

Definitely bringing the Historic Series Madeira: Savannah Verdelho and the
Charleston Sercial - maybe one more from that series TBD.

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(and! I don’t want to discourage anyone from bringing Amazing Bottles!)

Planning to bring the Henriques & Henriques 20yo Terrantez.
I also have a non-Berserker friend who has expressed an interest in participating.

Happy to have non-wine beserkers! We should aim at minimum of 1 madeira per person to keep things interesting. Definitely loop them in to the date poll when I post next week.

OK: here’s a doodle poll for the dinner.

Mondays in Jun/July. All at 7pm, Balvanera, Lower East side.

If interested, fill in ALL the dates you can potentially come on this poll.

We will go with the most popular that is selected by May 22 1159pm (yes I am a faculty member who gives homework deadlines, why do you ask?)

Please only use the doodle poll for scheduling; don’t start a discussion on this thread or an email chain, don’t reply to this post with dates you can/can’t come.

On that doodle link: You can change your selections up until the poll is closed without notifying everyone; everyone can see who can come when. It really is the way to schedule stuff!

If you know non-wine berserkers who can bring madeira and like to talk about/taste interesting wine, they can come, but you must mention them on this thread (so we don’t get randos from the link above)

Looking forward to it!

Fyi Jake J on the Doodle poll is my friend whom I forwarded the poll to.

Calling for some more responses!

PeterB, Joseph_Grassa and a potential J_a_y_H_a_c_k let us know!

Also, any last minuters. Come bring & drink madeira! Huge range of styles to choose from…

We are interested but have a limited window in June/July

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understood! if it’s the most popular choice we’ll go with your date.

Count me in --voted prior to 5/22/23 23:59 cutoff. Think I have a few madeira lying around between the vintage port bottles. Will post bottle sooner than later

Looks like the 26th June is the date! Once I hear from Balvanera to confirm we have the reservation I will post here and email everyone that replied.

If anyone else wants to come on Jun 26 let me know in the next 24h, otherwise I will open a waitlist.


Sorry, but we have tickets for the SPAC Jazz Festival in Saratoga and will not be coming back until the 26th and I expect to be a bit tired after the return drive - - - but I will discuss it with the War Department in the am.

OK. We are confirmed for Balvanera, 152 Stanton Street Monday 26th june, 7pm for a madeira tasting dinner.

I will PM people to remind them; if interested, pm me and will add you to waitlist.