NY Wine Experience ‘22

Going to NYWE for the second time this year, and wondering how many Berserkers are also planning to attend. I’m doing the full weekend - which looks to be a pretty amazing assortment of wines.

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I’ve always enjoyed going, but people are packed tight in the lectures and grand tastings. And trying to wear a mask would be useless. Too much Covid risk for me.

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We used to go every year to the grand tasting. But this year they limited it to general admission only and backed down the time to 2 hours. Normally 2 hours would be fine, but at this event historically many of the producers are gone by the last hour, so we decided to pass. But if you or anyone you know are only interested in going to the grand tasting on only one of the two nights, I am looking for someone willing to sell up to 4 tickets to the early access on either of the two nights and am willing to pay $400 per ticket.

Gonna be there for the whole weekend. Went last year and Covid was not an issue except almost none of the overseas producers were able to attend. Apparently only Novak Djokovic Vineyards will not be pouring this year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Last year spacing out the Grand Tastings schedule really thinned out the crowds. By 8:00 pm when they let in the general admission patrons, we were long gone