NV Krug 166 eme Edition

Posted separately from another thread to be posted and in concert with a previous thread re the 164 eme:

NV KRUG GRANDE CUVEE 166 eme EDITION BRUT- as a result of having just had the 164 Edition and sharing notes with some of these folks, one brought this bottle to do a comparison; the ID code gives us the info that this is comprised of 140 different wines over a 13 year span, 42% of which comes from their reserves with the oldest coming from 1998 and the youngest from the base year, 2010; the blend is 45% Pinot Noir, 39% Chardonnay and 16% Pinot Meunier; I thought the 164 had more to give at this stage, was fuller and richer and yet this had a lot going on and in and by itself, was fabulous; its hallmark was its richness, but its aromatics and taste profile was so inviting being redolent of honeyed and ginger accented lemon, apple and mango delivered in a creamy, oily textured medium that carried all of the goodness to the back end where it just graced the palate with all of its splendor.


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With their reserves, the GC is always stunning regardless of base vintage.

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Right now Warren, the 2008 in the 164 is doing much more than the 2010 in the 166.

I could see that. In ten years I suspect they’ll be more similar than not. I only have a mag and a couple of 750’s of the 166, some I won’t open any for years. My last 164 was October 2020; maybe tonight?

Cheers, and I’m looking forward to hearing about your celebratory ‘90 DP.


As with your interest in the 90` DP, I’d be interested in your 164 experience. BTW, that DP is for a win tomorrow night. We had the rest of a really fine Pierre Peters BdB Grande Reserve and loved it on its own. The 166 Krug killed it when drunk first.

So after tomorrow, what are you going to drown your sorrow and disappointment in? champagne.gif


I’ve had the 166 a few times. The last one was the best, but still characterized by searing acidity and not much fruit. Not very enjoyable.

I will celebrate regardless of the outcome. It’s been a stellar season and to win a share of a tough Big Xll conference, win the conference tournament, get a #1 seed and get to the final game and have a first team All American does not result in sorrow and disappointment. We will drink well and be thankful and be happy. We will be just a bit happier with a win.