NPR story about Dogfish Head making an ancient brew

Interesting piece about them making a modern version of something that has been gleaned from 9,000 yr old pottery called ‘Jiahu’." onclick=";return false;

I heard this too. Very interesting but didn’t sound like something that I wanted to run out and taste.

Being Dogfish Head, I wonder how badly they over hopped it? [head-bang.gif]

I heard that too. It would be interesting to try, but probably not something you’d want to drink a lot of.

I was thinking the same thing. It would be fun to taste but it doesn’t sound like something I will want more than a couple of sips of.

Where are the natural wine making freaks? Will this go over big in NY? [stirthepothal.gif]

All of their ‘Ancient’ series (Midas Touch, Jihau, Theobroma, and I would throw the Sah’tea in there as well) are absent of the classic Dogfish Head ‘when in doubt, dry hop’ mantra. Very interesting brews. Though not a historical brew, their most recent release called Namaste is a Belgian Wit styled beer at only 5%abv. The DHead-ification here is more about the extreme ingredients, adding lemon grass to the classics of orange and coriander. Pricey even here on the east coast, but very complex.

I’ve had the Jiahu and the Midas (being closeby makes brewery visits a must during beach weekends). Fun stuff but not a keg beer by any means. Midas is quite an experience!


Try the Theobrama as an intro to the line. Really delicious stuff.

I am not an IPA man but think their 60 minute IPA is perfect. Not over hopped at all.

The Midas Touch is quite an experience and just about anything Dogfish Head makes is at the very least interesting. Having the Festina Peach right now.

I tried one of these last week and thought it was pretty good. The nose is much better than the palate but I could give this a rec for anyone who likes something with some caramely malt.

I apparently am the lone dissenting opinion on Dogfish Head. Clearly I am not going to like the IPA’s since i don’t like IPA’s (tried their 90 min) - but I also tried the Midas Touch and Palo Santo Marron and found them both much to sweet for my liking. Oh well, doesn’t seem to be my brand.

You are not the only one. I have heard some purist do not like them at all. I odn’t like IPA very much but I think their 60 Minute and the Aprihop are fantastic. Did not enjoy Festina Peach, thought the Theobroma was ok, Saw’tea was pretty damn good. I have had mixed results but they are fun and an experience.

I’m bumping this thread because we drank a bottle of the Dogfish Head Theobroma last night. It was wonderful, complex, and very drinkable.

Per the label it’s an “ale brewed with natural flavors of honey, cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, ancho chillies, and ground annatto.” And: “Theobroma, or ‘Food of the Gods,’ is a re-creation of the premier chocolate beverage of the Americas, intended only for the Gods, Kings, and the Elite. This liquid time capsule is based on the earliest chemical and archeological evidence of cacao in the New World, dating to before 1100 B.C., and enhanced by natural additives of the later Mayan and Aztec Drinks.”

It’s a whopping 9%ABV and I could drink it all day. Big thumbs up on the Theobroma!

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After having tried a couple of these special beers, its good to know that they are actually making some good stuff instead of merely making curiosities. I’m not convinced they are anything like the real ancient deal but they are fun to ponder nonetheless.

I couldn’t agree more. The market is flooded with gimmick beers but these are well made, interesting beers. The “ancient” part doesn’t do it for me either but the tastiness does.