Now that is really badly corked!

A bag of mixed spinach and arugula.

I wonder if Shop Rite will let me return it.

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Why risk it, you be permanently tainted.

Rotting greens like spinach, arugula, and lettuce is one of the nastiest smells in the kitchen. I try and recycle (Ridwell) all of my plastic, but when I find a bag in the depths of my fridge with rotten greens, the entire thing goes into my trash.

Same Brandon, the smell drives me crazy.

I’ll see your rotting salad greens and raise you a rotting broccoli. Gag-inducing.

Just to be clear, they weren’t rotting. They were perfectly fresh, just contaminated with the unmistakable smell of TCA

TCA seems to be a defining feature of pre-packaged baby carrots.


Yes, corked carrots are pretty common. This was my first time with lettuce. And my first time where it was so strong.

Cauliflower the worst of all!!!