Novick Can Suck It

Making an heirloom lettuce salad with house cured Pancetta and Roquefort cheese tonight. Dressing of EVOO, Dijon and the outstanding Pear Vinegar.

Finished product.

I would prefer ‘apple cider vinegar’.

I am getting REALLY fed up with the Chicago Syndicate sticking together like this on the apple front.


No need to go all pear-shaped over it.

Hey Tex, have you tried it with a little aged Sherry Vinegar?? newhere

I have not seen Perel in years. I didn’t even think it was made anymore. Thanks for pointing that out. Just curious, is it true pear vinegar or vinegar spiked with pear juice?

Your salad reminds me of

which is really great despite its source. The fruit and nuts go a long way towards taming the cheese. I think I’ll try adding pancetta, like you did, next time.


Anjou going to give a review of the vinegar? Did you think it was su-pear? Because I heard it was very Commi-ce ci, comme ça, so I don’t think you should Bosc in glory.


Let the record show that the witness made the ‘drinky-drinky’ motion.

I found the brand at my local market today. While they didn’t have this particular flavor all of them were vinegar with juice added. One of them had juice as the first ingredient listed.

Pear juice flavored vinegar? Fail.

Was your local market Mariano’s and, if so, what kind of pomaceous fruits did you get? FWIW, Opal Apples are also at Jewel.

Yes, I finally made it to Mariano’s. I picked up some jumani apples…

I hope you’ll provide a full review.

Some folks on the forum have been getting fussy about apple discussions. I must have missed a thread… [scratch.gif]

I didn’t hear that, but some folks seem a bit pear-snickety.

Thanks for that. I like to use a pear vinegar for that salad I cited above, and I’m running low. Looks like is the real deal, also