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I have posted in the “Wine Pimps” section regarding fraudulent wine purchases and just updated with additional info. It’s happened in different parts of CA… Please read and be very careful .

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You’ll have to forgive me, but that post does not describe what the actual ripoff is. Is it a stolen credit card being used?

This is the bulletin we received from Napa Valley Vintners Association:

Subject: High End Wine Purchase Scan
Date: June 30, 2011

The Napa County Sheriff’s Department is seeking information and wishes to warn local wine merchants regarding a recent wine-purchase scam.

During the 2nd week of June, two Napa Valley wine merchants received telephone calls from a woman claiming to represent a wedding planner organizing an upcoming event. She requested more than a case of two high end wines and made arrangements with the merchants for her “assistant” to come to the physical location to pick up and pay for the wine.

The assistant presented to the merchant a MasterCard and AMEX card for the purchases which were declined. The assistant then called the customer service company for the credit cards on her personal phone and passed the phone to the merchants who spoke with the credit card customer service representative and received a “verbal authorization” for the purchases.

It is suspected that the “customer service” rep was a confederate of the woman.

Please be alert to scams of this nature. Never allow someone to place a call for you to authorize a card; use your own phone and merchant assistance contact info to validate cards if presented with a situation like this.

The Sheriff reports: the suspect in this incident is described as heavy-set African American female, in her 30’s, 5’5-5’7”. She drives a maroon sedan possibly a Camry or Cadillac. She is soft spoken and professional in manner and appeared to understand the wine business.

Is this her?

I think this is her. Said professional in manner, right?

FYI: apparently this has happened again
Read the bulletin Mike posted for descriptions or in my post in Wine Pimps. They’re also using different vehicles than described.
These people are very convincing.