Notes from our Napa trip last wk - now w/ PICS

I love a trip report with photos! Looks like a great time and is making me really want to go back. Now. We weren’t planning to go until next Spring. Maybe when we do, we can see Mike.

Just pulled a couple pictures that my dad took while we were visiting Merrill at her home.

Merrill in front of her vineyard:

Merrill and her lovely daughter, Emily:

And just one more:

Thanks, all, for the kind words. We had such a great time. I am very indebted to my wife, who held down the fort and managed our three monkey children while I was away.

Great report…also helping confirm a lot the positive reports on Napa '10’s

Hi Eric,

I think he was impressed by the number of wineries contained in what is, really, a very narrow strip of land. I know the traffic (esp. on Hwy 29) surprised him…it was crazy even in the middle of the week. He also remarked several times on the quality of the restaurants.

For context, when he was there in 1982, it was on a day trip from San Francisco and they only visited two wineries - Domaine Chandon and Franciscan.

He didn’t really get into wine until the mid-to-late '90s, when I began exploring wine and started giving him bottles as presents. It’s been a point of connection between us ever since.


Our first visit was in 1987, I think we went to Sterling and Mondavi. Both fun, educational stops. Nothing wrong with that!

Completely agree on the quality of the restaurants in the area. Access to the best local produce, naturally raised protein, fresh seafood, and incredible wine tends to attract the best chefs. If I had to name my top 10 meals, they would probably all be in NoCal.


Your photo’s were wonderful. That is wonderful that you were able to spend some quality time with your father. I haven’t been to Napa in several years but after seeing your photo’s I decided that I need to go back soon. I visited most of the wineries that you listed. Mike Smith tasting at Envy was my favorite. He is a class act.