North-Central NJ

Are there any members who would be interested in a wine dinner in NNJ/CNJ?

I am thinking it’d be on a weekday, about 10 people max, at a BYO restaurant in the area of South Orange, Maplewood or Millburn? Each person brings a bottle or two. It could be something as simple as bring a bottle of any type of wine that costs $70 or more, or we could set a theme, i.e. wines of Tuscany or Piedmont.

I’d be down for an Italian night
Montclair is another option with tons of BYOs

Sure - location is perfect for me, so would be interested

I would be interested if the date works for me.

I could be interested depending on date and theme.

I would be interested too.

It’s nice to see some names from my wine past :slight_smile: I hope this gets some traction!!

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If my man Ian Dorin is in, I’m DEFINITELY in!!

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As the original poster, here is what I propose - subject to modification, of course:

Tuesday, July 23 at La Pergola in Millburn at 6 p.m.

The theme is that we each bring a bottle that is EITHER a Bordeaux or Super Tuscan that costs at least $70 retail. Everyone should bring their bottle covered up for a blind tasting. This might be interesting because we can both choose our overall favorite and guess for each bottle if it is a Bordeaux or Super Tuscan.

I am up for other suggestions, too. Picking the wines should be a democratic process. For example, we could broaden the wines to Bordeaux blends across the globe, i.e. USA, South America, and Australia. Or, since we will be at an Italian restaurant, we could do Sangiovese or the wines of Sicily. We could also lower or increase the price threshold. I suggested the above because it seemed like a fair price threshold to get some really good wines and, also, Bordeaux and Super Tuscans are fairly targeted and most everyone likes them.

Also, I am fine with other dates, but Monday and Tuesday are best for me for childcare reasons.

Let’s get a tally as to who is going to participate. Raise your glass and respond if interested.

I can be penciled in, but my son may still have baseball practice that week. If so, I would need to take him that night. Monday might be better for me.

Okay, everyone, based on Ian’s post - how about Monday July 22?

I am good for Monday the 22nd - I might suggest allowing Bordeaux blends from other regions as well as not everyone might have a deep cellar in Super Tuscans. Now if you did Nebbiolo… but, that can be for another night

I love Nebbiolo. If enough people speak up, we can change it to that. I only didn’t suggest it because I didn’t know how many others were Barolo and Barbaresco drinkers.

So far, then, it is


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I’m most likely out if it’s Bordeaux. I’m most likely in if it’s nebbiolo. But no worries either way.
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Why not stick to the original theme, but go a little broader?

Italian (Super Tuscan), Bordeaux, and Cali?

Figure check off the big regions, this way we can maintain both quality and not alienate anyone?

I’m always game for Barolo/Barbaresco night though!

I received a PM from someone suggesting we just each bring a bottle or two of whatever we prefer.

It also seems like there are a number of Nebbiolo fans (myself included).

So I welcome people to suggest how this should go. Obviously, we want to have good wine. We do not want to do a vertical of Barefoot Merlot. But in no way do I suggest that I should be the decision maker. Let democracy rule!

If people want to switch to a Nebbiolo night, I am more than happy to - most of my collection is Barolo, in fact.

If we want to take Ian’s suggestion that we go broader to blends from Bordeaux, Tuscany, and Cali (and Washington, too, I imagine) - then that is fine too.

Or if everyone just wants to bring a bottle or two, maybe that is a fairly easy and non-controversial way to go about it. We could even say a bottle of white and a bottle of red.

Maybe others have even better ideas than me that have not yet been voiced.

So please chime in if you want to attend and have any ideas.

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I’m in for 7/22
Open to any format

I am also available 7/22.

I’m also available 7/22 and very interested as long as there is still space!

I’m coming in on a redeye flight the night before so I’ll be groggy but this sounds great. All the wine themes work for me. Just let me know where and timing.

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