Non-Dairy White Chocolate Recommendation ?

In early February we have some friends coming over for dinner and one of them is lactose intolerant. I’ve got everything covered for the meal except dessert. In the past I have made a non-dairy vegan chocolate torte but this time I want to try a coconut creme bruleé which uses a non-dairy white chocolate. I have noticed online that the non-dairy white chocolates fall into 2 groups. Those that have cocoa butter and those that use hydrogenated palm fat. Does someone here have suggestions on brand and likely places to find it?

I couldn’t find any at our local grocers or specialty stores. Even asked our local “famous” bakery for suggestions and struck out. Well I pulled the trigger on King David brand Kosher easy melting non-dairy white chocolate. Went with this one as it has some actual cocoa butter in it. Will be using it to make a non-dairy coconut creme brulée. Hope it tastes good. Will make a batch ahead of time to see if it really tastes like something people would want to eat.

Personally I find that lactase pills mean I don’t have to worry about it.

You could always serve one on the side…

Well the creme brulee was actually a big hit as it was silky smooth. I used a combination of unsweetened coconut milk(So Delicious) and cocoa butter non-dairy white chocolate(King David White Baking Bar) in the recipe that was a Silk creme brulee recipe with the coconut twist from a reviewer. The King David bar carried the sweetness so it was not needed in the coconut milk. My hack to the dessert was to put a thin layer of raw coconut flakes on the bottom of the short ramekin dish followed by the creme brulee custard and topped with turbinado sugar. It’s not your typical creme brulee but everyone liked it. Now the Greek portokalopita cake I made the following day was a different story.