No love for Wind Gap?

Lots of release threads, no chatter about this one.

Syrahs! I’ll probably get a couple of Sonoma Coast, not sure about the rest. I’ve never been blown away by the pinots, but I know some folks are.

Wine club! Anyone signing up?

Where’s FMIII?


Love the wines. Will be ordering.

I love them, just too much wine at the end of the cellar space, Houston!!

I was disappointed with a bottle of the 2010 Sonoma Coast about a month ago, but opened a 2009 tonight and it’s great. Debating whether to get a few SVD or just load up on the Sonoma Coast…


If you don’t mind sharing Id be curious to hear what you didn’t like about it.

It was my fourth bottle, and the first that struck me as less than excellent. This is what I wrote on CT:

“My fourth bottle, first in a year. This one seemed a bit tired, not at all full of the energy of earlier bottles. The fruit has faded a bit, and now it seems too tart. A disappointing bottle of what has been a stellar wine.”

Could’ve been me, could’ve been an off bottle.


I’ve been a Pax fan for the past 10 yrs. I’ve never felt that I’ve opened any bottle that he made that wasn’t of the highest quality. Granted, he’s put out a variety of styles and not for all palates, but for me, he’s never put out anything of an inferior quality (forgive a occasional off bottle). I’m happy to keep buying and enjoying!!

BTW, I’m in for this one!

One of my favorites, actually. They now have one of the best tasting rooms in California, really nice environs, great people and great wine.

I’ve enjoyed what I have bought, but with the price creep I’m probably going to let this go and buy at retail when I see them.

Is there a waiting list? newhere

Bought. Considering the costs of some other recent domestic Syrah releases these bottles are priced well.

Compared to virtually every other winery out there these remain great bargains. The creep is barely a crawl.

Inundated with wine offers to the point where I can’t even begin to tackle another. Those of you ITB: you might start thinking of moving your offers up to where buyers don’t have Offer Fatigue. Early birds got my worm…

I assured my wife that the Fall purchasing had ended and about ten minutes later the Wind Gap offer came out. I’m a big fan of Pax’s projects and am crossing my fingers that these Syrahs, particularly the SC, will remain available until I can justify another spree. Ironically, my final purchase of the year was from Donelan, formerly Pax. So much great Syrah coming from those parts!

Its seems like in the past fall offers came in Sept and Oct but since then it became a cold war of people moving their offers earlier and earlier in order to grab earlier attention.

I haven’t followed the prices much over time, so I wouldn’t be able to speak to creep, but fwiw I bristled at the general prices and figured I too would look for some at retail.

And a little bit of looking around the web would seem to show that I should rethink that.


2009 - 2011, Sonoma Coast Syrah was $36. 2012 is $40.

That’s an increase of under 3% a year.