No churches allowed in California wine country?

Watched this with interest. Seems that churches can be banned in some wine areas in California.
Just pray for good weather in your own home.

Wow, what a sloppy and misleading report. The headline on the web page makes it sound like this is a statewide issue - it even refers to “The California planning commission.” There is no such organization. With such a grossly misleading headline, I did not expect much behind the story and there wasn’t much. There are churches all over the wine regions of California that I’ve been to and I’ve never heard of any issues like this. It sounds like a very specific issue related to one particular locale, and the report doesn’t really even bother trying to explain it.

Agreed, terrible reporting. When I think of “wine country” can’t say Temecula is first thing I think of (Southern CA for those like me that have to look it up)

This gives a bit more information:

Looks from a couple of sources that part of the issue is the wineries being assessed $$$ for sewer lines, so they don’t want to then be limited re spraying (or alcohol sales).

Many zoning laws prohibit alcohol related businesses from being located with a certain distance of a church. It would seem like commonsense to limit the building of churches in areas predominately given over to the production of alcohol then, no? Just a thought…

Don’t infuse logic into this Roberto. [tease.gif]

Or more rationally, just get rid of the zoning laws related to prohibiting alcohol from being within a certain distance from a church.


Maybe if they served local wine during Communion? It’d be like a free tasting! Everybody wins.

There was a terrific BBQ joint in Troy, NY, that slowly went out of business, in part because they could not serve alcohol. They were 100 feet from a church. The fact that no services had been held in that church for decades didn’t matter.