NLFS: 1985 Tempier Bandol La Migoua Cuvée Speciale x 2

Purchased at HDH auction as part of a sixer. Spinning capsules, great phils and color. Local NYC only. email pls. thanks for looking!

photo here:

made the mistake of listing these before i tasted. just cracked one. no longer for sale.

Good for you. As penance please post a tasting note.

ha. fair enough. for context, i love tempier wines and we visited years ago. any time i have the oppty to try mature examples, be it any of the bandol cuvees, white, even the rose (i find that 3-5 years is perfect), i enjoy them immensely. i firmly put the domaine into the the very special category of all wines and they clearly define the appellation. this wine is what i’d term “vigorous mature” - it’s not getting better per se, but it’s not some fully mature example that we wine geeks tend to make excuses for. it’s very much alive with identifiable fruit and lively acidity. the tannins are melted away. it’s as classic as you’d imagine with dark cooked fruit, tons of herbs, and a wonderful gamey flavor throughout. the texture is where this wine shines. i generally avoid the terms burgundian and elegant, but … it’s both! for a bandol. there’s a sweetness to the finish, but again, it’s supported and lifted by sufficient acidity. needs to be served on the cooler side. very much looking forward to the remaining 5 bottles over the next year or so, likely sooner. not because the wine is falling apart, but because it will be difficult to keep my hands off them.

Old Trévallon can be really good as well.

indeed, and still well priced for older vintages. i love them.

It’s the most Wine Berserker thing ever to list some wines for sale on CC, then cave and drink one, and then decide you can’t part with the rest of them.

I mean that in the best way, Yaacov.

totally get it. this was a “mistake” purchase on a live HDH auction. i had it on in the background and heard them say they were going back to a few passed lots, the first one was this and i threw a bid in and won. but… it was a HK auction. this was in november and it was a huge hassle getting it here with covid, tariffs, and general backups.

had it again with some friends this week and it was exactly the same, really showing well. was especially fun to try it along with a 2000 tempier bandol blanc.

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