NJ/NY - Gauging Interest, Big Lagier-Meredith Vertical

I have at least one bottle of every vintage of Lagier-Meredith Syrah from 1998 (first vintage) to 2016. Wondering if there would be any interest in a get together to do a mega vertical? Likely a Saturday afternoon or such. Happy to provide the wine, would have to find a suitable venue (restaurant or home) for dunno, 12 attendees? 19 vintages.

Sounds like a fun idea to me. I am in Northern New Jersey. NYC is fine by me, not sure how to work corkage there though for this quantity of bottles (I am old school in that BYO meant zero corkage, not $40 a bottle, hah).

Cool if the logistics can’t work or no interest but this is really the only wine I could do this for. Followed them from the start (cf. Tom Hill). Just throwing this out there, thanks.

Visited with Carole & Steve last year at their home. Brought back some Syrah, Mondeuse & Tribidrag (along with a bottle of Precious Bane). Interested in this if it pans out Marc. But just warning that the next 3 months are gonna be a bit hectic for me with an upcoming wedding and honeymoon, so just plan it and if I can make it, happy to join.

Neat idea. I did it with Halcon Syrah from every producer right through current vintage barrel samples. That’s a lot of Syrah and a lot of blue teeth. We did two bottles of each just in case there were off bittles then I auctioned the unused bottles and gave the money to charity.

Sounds like a good time, if you are hosting, I would be up to it. Agreed that paying per bottle for corkage would be a bit much

I’m interested, thanks. Depends on how it all pans out…

I don’t have a suggestion for no corkage but I can probably get a great deal at Peking Duck House uptown on a Monday night. (probably $10/person total, unlimited bottles) I recommend 10 people unless you want to start a second table.

I would be interested depending on day and date. Jersey works just as well for me.
I would also offer to bring a vertical of some Cayuse for a comparison/battle royale.

I would be interested. Prefer Jersey to NY but either works, depending on the date.

I have quite a few. I drank the 2006 a few weeks ago, and my oldest now is 2008. I love the wines and I’m interested, but date and location dependent.

Hi Marc, I’m interested, especially if it’s NJ.

And I just realized that we’ve met when I’ve dropped stuff off at MWC.

I must confess I’ve not had Lagier-Meredith Syrah but I love Syrah and could bring something(s) from the Northern Rhone as a peace offering.